Underrated Marvel Keys Part 2

by Mike W

Marvel-Logos-for-upcoming-movies-510x390-300x229 Underrated Marvel Keys Part 2The upcoming phases for Marvel are looking to be very promising. Their plan is to blend some older not so popular characters with their younger modern characters. These characters include She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ironheart, Moon Girl, and others. With the exception of  Moon Girl, these characters’ first appearances have started to rise in recent months. This is due to being confirmed thru an MCU movie or TV show. Though, there are still keys that can be grabbed that people are overlooking. Here are some keys.



I mentioned Riri Williams about a month ago as an undervalued key in this blog, Undervalued keys! Riri & Naomi, even when many characters are receiving the rumor boom. Her first appearance’s value was pretty stagnant until recent news confirming she will be in the MCU. As I mentioned, her first appearance is still rising and will be for a while. But why not grab the first meeting between Tony Stark and Riri Williams?

The issue I am referring to Invincible Iron Man #12. If Riri becomes Ironheart, then she will have to meet Stark in person or in Artificial Intelligence (AI) form. There are no graded copies of this book as people do not see the potential in it. If anything, this book could be probably found in the dollar bins of your LCS.

riri-198x300 Underrated Marvel Keys Part 2











Rumors have confirmed an animated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur television show. Moon Girl, otherwise known as Lunella Lafayette will be getting her own Disney+ show. Her first appearance is in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1. Fair Market Value of a 9.8 is currently sitting at $140, so it is still obtainable for collectors. For this show, there has been really no news who will be appearing from the Moon Girl comic run.

lun-201x300 Underrated Marvel Keys Part 2











How about a key that people are overlooking? So for this animated TV show, why not the main antagonist be, none other than Princess Fisk? Her origin is still not confirmed, but she is the “adopted” daughter of Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. Princess makes her first appearance in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #32.  Also in this issue, Lunella and Princess clash with each other about school. Princess has the same confidence and brass as her father and would be a capable friendly villain for the animated series.

fisk-198x300 Underrated Marvel Keys Part 2











Rumors have been rumbling of a Midnight Sons team-up in the supernatural sense. Well, with characters such as Ghost Rider and Blade coming to the MCU, it appears very likely a team-up with other supernatural heroes of the Midnight Sons.

This issue is very inexpensive and can be still found in dollar bins. The issue of the first full team appearance of the Midnight Sons is Ghost Rider #31. The issue is overlooked because collectors are focused on grabbing the very popular Ghost Rider #28. This issue has multiple first appearances that include Lillith and a cameo appearance of the Midnight Sons. So go to your LCS and see if these issues are available to grab on the cheap! Thanks for reading everyone and happy hunting.

GGH-198x300 Underrated Marvel Keys Part 231-196x300 Underrated Marvel Keys Part 2


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