Underappreciated X-Villains Who Could Fit in the MCU

by Matt Tuck

Dark-Beast-189x300 Underappreciated X-Villains Who Could Fit in the MCUIt’s time for the speculation game, and here are three more villains Disney gained in the Fox buyout who could be featured outside the X-Men franchise.

When Disney bought the Fox properties, Marvel Studios inherited so much more than just the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Both franchises have an array of villains who could be re-imagined and take the MCU by storm, particularly the X-Men adversaries. Yesterday, in “Lesser-Known X-Villains Ripe for the Big Screen,” I argued that Arcade, Mojo, and the Brood would make great antagonists for the likes of Spider-Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Doctor Strange. That’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here are three more inclusions from the X-family of characters who could make an impact on the MCU.

X-Men-Alpha-1-193x300 Underappreciated X-Villains Who Could Fit in the MCUDARK BEAST


Dark Beast spawned from the ever-popular X-Men alternate timeline, Age of Apocalypse. With the multiverse and Quantum Realm having been established in the MCU, Dark Beast could be brought into the mix with a little imagination. Since it’s all but a given that Norman Osborn is going to play a major part in the future MCU, Dark Beast would make perfect sense in the Dark Avengers.

Certainly his character wouldn’t make sense without first introducing the classic Beast, but Dark Beast could be amazing onscreen. Personally, I have never found Beast interesting; he’s one of the most boring members of the X-Men, yet he’s regularly put into the movies. Dark Beast, on the other hand, is a fascinating take on the character. Whereas Beast is rational and altruistic, Dark Beast is like a mutated Nazi scientist who has no morals or qualms about getting results at any cost.

X-Men-60-194x300 Underappreciated X-Villains Who Could Fit in the MCUSAURON



I wrote before that the Brood would make for interesting villains in the MCU. If it’s monsters Marvel Studios is after, it’s hard to go wrong with Sauron. Plus, he would look great on a silver screen in all his CGI glory. Named after J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings adversary, Marvel’s version of Sauron is one of the older villains in their history, having debuted in the silver age.

Part dinosaur, part vampire, not only can he fly, but his power is that he leeches energy from his victims. While I can’t see him being a major villain in a film, he would be a formidable secondary antagonist or henchman for another villain. Although it might seem odd at first, I can picture Sauron in a Spider-Man movie, not that Spider-Man doesn’t have enough villains of his own. Sauron could also be a good nemesis for Captain Marvel or possibly Black Panther.

X-Men-3-202x300 Underappreciated X-Villains Who Could Fit in the MCUBLOB


Speaking of old X-Men villains, Blob is one of the originals.

Laugh if you want, but I have always believed that Blob could be so much more of a character than simply a freakishly obese monster of a man. Give him a decent backstory (forget the ridiculousness of X-Men Origins: Wolverine; in fact, forget that entire movie) and he could become a complex character that fans can sympathize with.

Like Sauron, I can’t picture him carrying a film’s plot as the main antagonist, but he could make for an intriguing addition in the hands of the write filmmakers. With the MCU having “Bro Thor,” as Marvel has dubbed him, he and Blob could have an engaging onscreen dynamic, especially if they avoid the obvious fat jokes and go for substance over cheap laughs.

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Avery S. July 7, 2019 - 7:38 pm

Sauron? The Blob? Yikes. Isn’t one of the unspoken problems in Hollywood right now is spending money on CGI? Look at Game of Thrones and the wolf debacle. Dark Phoenix was rumored to have CGI-related problems as well, I haven’t seen it so I can’t say how the final product turned out, but I heard so. Could you have picked 3 worst? First you pick Dark Beast – it’s a problem right away as you mentioned because we don’t know if Hank will be introduced right away. Then you have to ask -is he from the AOA? Try explaining THAT to a MCU-only audience. You go on to describe Hank as a boring character, I won’t defend him, but that’s just b/c I think he’s a world class you-know-what because of certain things he’s done like turning his back on Cyclops, inventing a ‘cure’ for the X-Gene and bringing the Original Five from the past to the present.Sauron? Sure, he’s been in the rogues gallery forever, but he’s not even a mutant? These movies are rare things, we have to get them right, stumbling can produce bad results. Why would we use a non-mutant bad guy when we have so many other evil mutants to choose from? The Blob? The Blob? It’s been done already, why do we have to keep re-running things associated with these flicks? Oh,so who would I suggest? Underappreciated? Instead of Dark Beast, how about The Sugar Man? Instead of Sauron how about Bastion or Nimrod? And finally, instead of The Blob, how about Mojo?-it could lead to introducing fan favorite Longshot!

Matt Tuck July 7, 2019 - 11:36 pm

Not bad suggestions, Avery. I didn’t add Mojo because I previously mentioned him in “Four More Low-Risk Keys” and “Lesser-Known X-Villains Ripe for the Big Screen.” As far as my three picks in this particular article, I was looking for villains who would potentially fit in movies outside the X-Men franchise.

Aven Washington July 8, 2019 - 2:39 pm

Alright well I guess i didn’t pick up you meant outside the franchise.


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