Und Jetzt…Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 Reprints

by Matt Tuck

Hulk-181-panel-253x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsWhen it comes to The Incredible Hulk #181, there’s no substitute for the 1974 original, but the reprints are proving to be worth collecting.

In case anyone needs reminding, if you don’t already have a complete Hulk #181, you probably aren’t getting one short of taking out a loan. The holy grail of many collectors, its value continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, which makes it more elusive with each passing day.

But this is not a Hulk #181 article.

What’s left to say about it at this point? It’s insanely expensive and gaining value almost daily. Earlier this month, a complete 9.4 sold for $9k, and an incomplete 2.0 brought a jaw-dropping $1,200.

This is for all the fans who have watched Hulk #181 slip further and further out of reach. To those collectors, I present the first appearance reprints.

Listed below are only reprints, not the Mark Jewelers variant or any of the multitude of homage covers.


Hulk-v-Wolverine-1-197x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsThe Incredible Hulk and Wolverine #1 (1986)

Graded at a 9.8, this issue has been selling for $120 lately. Even at lower grades, it is still bringing as much as $55 since last year.







Wolverine-Battles-the-Hulk-1-198x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsWolverine Battles the Incredible Hulk #1 (1988)

In 2017, two 9.8s sold for close to $150 each; one went for $145 while the other reached $149.99. The last three sales, all between July and October 2018, brought $120 apiece.







Hulk-181-Marvel-Milestones-196x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsMarvel Milestone Edition: Incredible Hulk #181 (1998)

The entire run of Marvel Milestones were a hit with collectors. In this case, a 9.8 sold for as much as $202 three years ago, and last year, one went for $99. Most recently, a March sale netted a respectable $75.







Hulk-181-German-195x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsHulk #181 German Edition (1999)

“Und jetzt…Wolverine.” You know things have gotten out of hand when the German reprint can sell for up to $500 for a graded 9.8. This was part of an overseas multi-pack called the Marvel Jubilaum Pack 8.







Hulk-181-Wizard-Ace-199x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsWizard Ace Edition: Hulk #181 (2001)

The popular Wizard Ace editions were reprints with updated covers. At a 9.8, a copy sold for $129 this past November, while a 9.6 sold for $107 in February.







Hulk-181-Die-Cast-203x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsMGA Die-Cast Car Mini Comic (2007)

This reprint was packaged with the die-cast car emblazoned with the cover art. There’s not a lot of data to go on for this particular edition because CGC can’t grade the comic when it’s still in the original package along with the car. However, two graded copies of the comic did sell in 2017 for $24 and $27, respectively.






Hulk-181-Lions-Gate-199x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsLionsgate Mini Comic (2008)

Another mini comic that is tough to place a value on, this one was packaged with the animated Hulk Vs. DVD. Unfortunately, there’s no graded sales data to share.







Hulk-181-Marvels-Greatest-Battles-192x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsWolverine vs. Hulk: Marvel’s Greatest Battles Hasbro Combo Pack Edition (2011)

This edition was only available with Hasbro’s Wolverine vs. Hulk action figure pack, and it’s proven to be a wise investment. Back in February, a 9.0 of the Marvel’s Greatest Battles reprint sold for $79. Two years ago, a 9.6 averaged $149. That same year, a 9.2 went for $90.






Hulk-181-True-Believers-195x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsTrue Believers: Wolverine vs. Hulk #1 (2017)

I recall seeing this on the shelves of my local comic shop, and I thought nothing about it. It’s just a reprint, right? A near-mint-plus Wolverine vs. Hulk brought $70 in January, and in March, it twice sold for $50. The most recent sale was for $45 on April 5.







Hulk-181-Facsimile-200x300 Und Jetzt...Wolverine: Collecting the Hulk 181 ReprintsHulk #181 Facsimile Edition (2019)

Recently, Marvel published the Incredible Hulk #181 facsimile edition, which the company must think sounds better than saying it’s another reprint. Last year, Marvel released the Fantastic Four #1 Facsimile Edition. A 9.8 FF #1 Facsimile sold for $75 this past November, and it’s already reached $64 this year. Considering the popularity of the Hulk #181 reprints, and it’s safe to bet on this facsimile ascending to triple figures by the end of the year.

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