Uncanny X-Men Special Edition Mighty Marvel Podcast

by Jeff

That’s right True Believers, in the latest edition of the Mighty Marvel Podcast, fan favorite host Jeff Suter chats with the brains behind the X-book that’s blazing a new mutant status quo. Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction provide an exclusive look behind-the-scenes to the hit Uncanny X-Men #500.

The X-Men have moved to San Francisco. Want to know why? What do they have planned for everyone’s favorite mutants? Any special guests? Well you’ll just have to listen and find out! Not only do they answer Jeff’s questions, but they answer YOUR questions! Did you ask a question and want to know if it got answered? Be sure to jump on the Mighty Marvel Podcast train and enjoy!

Listen to this latest Mighty Marvel Podcast right here:

[object:mp3player:http://www.marvel.com/rss/podcasts/Uncanny_500_Podcast.mp3 align:left skin:classic width:200px height:70px]

Also, be on the look out for future podcasts on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/comicstories.1622.Marvel_Podcast_Central, or subscribe to the Mighty Marvel Podcast on iTunes (that way you never miss any of the action packed installments)!

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