UDON Does Street Fighter IV

by Jeff

Coming from UDON in February 2009, a new cast of World Warriors takes center stage in the Street Fighter IV comic series. Based on quite possibly the most anticipated fighting game ever, the 4-issue Street Fighter IV mini-series puts the spotlight on hot new characters like the enigmatic Crimson Viper, amnesiac brawler Abel, spicy Mexican wrestler El Fuerte, and chubby kung-fu fighter Rufus.

The series will explore a new mystery, as top fighters from all around the world begin to disappear. With the world’s focus set squarely on the Street Fighter II Tournament, few have noticed the unexplained disappearances. But when Street Fighter mainstays like Sakura, Dan and more get mixed up in the plot, you can be sure they’ll be busting some kidnapper chops before too long! Plus fans will get an in-depth look at the back-stories of some of the new Street Fighter IV cast, including the brand new boss character Seth and his connections to Street Fighter’s big baddie M.Bison.

Written by Ken Siu-Chong an drawn by Joe Ng the SFIV comic will use the same creative team as the previously announced Street Fighter III comic series.

“With the most anticipated Street Fighter game in years arriving 2009, we will be launching the SF 4 comic series as a big crossover event with the game. That would mean the originally planned SFIII series will have to make way and be released after this SFIV story arc is done.” says UDON’s Chief of Ops Erik Ko. “We are working very closely with Capcom and the SFIV producer in Japan to make this comic series as exciting as possible. The stories from our comic are linked directly to the game, and it is a genuine extension that fans will definitely love. Also expect plenty of cross promotion and marketing between our comics and the game.”

Fans of the SF III gang will still be able to get their fix, as future issues of UDON’s core series Street Fighter II Turbo will include all-new Street Fighter III bonus stories. Turbo issues #8-10 will each feature a 4-page backup about a different Street Fighter III character. These join the already announced Street Fighter IV backup stories in Turbo #2-5.

Street Fighter IV #1 arrives in comic shops February 2009 with 2 covers by Arnold Tsang and by series artist Joe Ng.

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