UBER gets enhanced and filled with 160 pages of extras

by Jeff

AUG131039 UBER gets enhanced and filled with 160 pages of extrasMedia Release — Kieron Gillen and Caanan White’s Uber has been one of the biggest new series of 2013. With its dark vision of the super human escalation of World War II, fans have been flocking to the fledgling series to see where the unique story goes.

In October, Avatar Press will release an “Enhanced” Hard Cover collection of the first chapter of the series that is exclusive to comic shops. This 336 page tome includes the entire 176 page first chapter (Uber #0-5) and an incredible 160 pages of extras. Included in the extras will be behind the scenes interviews, pages of original pencil art, notes and commentary from Kieron Gillen on the series development, and a massive cover gallery. The collection is limited to 5000 copies and is the only collected edition to ship this year. There is also a 350 copy Remarqued edition that includes Gillen and White’s autographs and a unique original sketch by the artist.

Ask your local comic shop to reserve your copy today.

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