TwoMorrows’ current half-price magazine sale ends tomorrow

by Jeff

oct084483h TwoMorrows' current half-price magazine sale ends tomorrowMedia Release — International customers: TwoMorrows’ current half-price magazine sale ends TOMORROW, and we know a lot of our international customers haven’t been able to order the big batches of sale mags they want, due to the high cost of overseas shipping. THAT PROBLEM IS NOW SOLVED!

We’ve just added FLAT RATE OVERSEAS SHIPPING* to our webstore, which will save you a substantial amount on larger orders. For instance, on any order weighing up to 11 lbs., (roughly 20-25 magazines) the following flat rates apply:

To Europe: $35.75 US (compared to $57.50 for Priority Mail International)
To Australia/Pacific Rim: $55 US (compared to $76.80 Priority Mail International)

And the savings add up more on even larger shipments, with only a small additional amount for each extra lb. of weight you add.

You still have ONE MORE DAY to take advantage of our HALF-PRICE SALE on almost 300 MAGAZINES, and SAVE ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. So don’t delay!

Best regards,
John Morrow
10407 Bedfordtown Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27614
fax 919-449-0327

* PLEASE NOTE: This is a “Surface” delivery option (using “M-bags”), with an estimated delivery time of 6-8 weeks, and a minimum weight charge of 11 lbs. (ie. if your order weighs less than 11 lbs., the US Postal Service still charges the 11 lb. rate). So it’s only economical for larger shipments. For packages of 4 lbs. or less, the “First Class Mail International” option will generally cost less, and have faster delivery. If you want a larger package (over 4 lbs.) in the quickest time possible, your only option will still be the more expensive “Priority Mail International”.

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