Two Alterna Comics Added To Diamond STAR System

by Jeff

Diamond Comics Distributors has decided to add two more Alterna Comics titles to their STAR system. The STAR system ensures that copies of a book will be in-stock and immediately available for ordering. Not all books make it onto the STAR system, as this is a performance based system that helps keep the best-selling books in stock.

A psychological thriller set on death-row, THE CHAIR focuses on Richard Sullivan who has spent the past 10 years on death-row, awaiting execution for crimes he claims he never committed. But lately strange events have started occurring in the prison, including a piling body count of tortured inmates, a viciously sadistic warden, and enough twists and turns to make Sullivan question his own sanity.

In JESUS HATES ZOMBIES featuring LINCOLN HATES WEREWOLVES, the zombie plague has swept across the Earth, and Jesus has been sent down to take care of it. Along with Laz, his loyal zombie sidekick, Jesus must unite the remaining humans to stand up and defeat the zombie menace. With a time-traveling Lincoln at his side, and a zombified Angel hot on their heels, can this mish-mash of heroes save humanity… and themselves?

oct083786f Two Alterna Comics Added To Diamond STAR System
Jesus Hates Zombies GN Exp Ed
JUN083610F Two Alterna Comics Added To Diamond STAR System
Chair GN

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