Tweets This Week (…and Their Impact on the Comic Collective)!

by Peter Daddone

twitter-icon-circle-blue-logo-preview-400x400-2-2-300x266 Tweets This Week (...and Their Impact on the Comic Collective)!Wow!  Twitter was ACTIVE last week.  Three tweets may impact the comic collective (well, two, and the third was just tooooo cute to pass up)! CGC made a huge announcement and it may rock our world!

CGC Announces Sports Card Grading Team

CGC-300x283 Tweets This Week (...and Their Impact on the Comic Collective)!

Andy Broome and Westin Reeves will be heading up the new Sports Card Grading division at CGC.  This announcement should have sent shockwaves into the comic collective.  Why? Well, as of this writing, CGC has expanded into grading gaming and sports trading cards in the past few months.  Speculators can now expand their searches, rummage through those estate sales, and expand possibilities in speculation.  Now, if a storage bin or estate sale has one or two comic lots BUT also has one or two sportscard lots, then the investment quotient rises exponentially.  What are some key sports cards to look for?  Anything Mickey Mantel will do well.  Any 1909-1911 T-206 baseball card will do well.  Just know that there are A LOT of variations to a T-206 baseball card.  The back of the card variants ranges in scarcity.  Learning about the T-206 set will be essential before taking the leap into picking up and sending in to grade a T-206 or key sports card.  The most important thing to remember about a T-206, Mickey Mantle card, or early century rare sets like 1914 Cracker Jack is that there are MANY forgeries and reprints.  There are some great online resources to help you navigate the sportscard landscape.  This article, “Slaying the Monster:  How to Sell T-206 Tobacco Cards,” is a great start!

Bill Sienkiewicz Reminds Us of His Awesomeness!


bill-sienkiewicz-289x300 Tweets This Week (...and Their Impact on the Comic Collective)!Bill Sienkiewicz is an iconic artist.  There are two Twitter accounts under his name.  This great sketch off one of the accounts is a great reminder of just how great an artist he is!  Three classics?  Dune #1 (Trailer alert!).  Dune #1 is up 111% since the trailer hit, but it has always held steady in price. Moon Knight #23 might be a great comic to pick up.  A CGC 9.6 is down nearly 47% over the past two months.  When trailers and previews of the series hit the web, doubling in price back up in the $75 range is a very big possibility!  Finally, Question #1 is an underrated Sienkiewicz cover.  Gunsmoke rising from the left-hand corner of the cover around the main character to form a question mark is stunning. There has been a fair amount of activity on this issue in the CGC 9.8 tier recently.  Three copies were sold in the past two months. There is a lot of volatility on this issue.  From a low of $50 in May to a high of $175 in August.  Most copies before May averaged around $100.  That might be where you buy in the hopes to sell in that $175 range.  Oh, and Happy Birthday Emilia Clark!

Halloween Tweets From @GirlsTalkComic1!

@GirlsTalkComic1-275x300 Tweets This Week (...and Their Impact on the Comic Collective)!Halloween is just around the corner.  This great tweet from Girls Talk Comics (@Girlstalkcomic1) reminds us of three important things.  1. Baby Yoda!  2.  Mandalorian Season 2 looks awesome!  3.  Halloween.  The Pandemic may alter the way we celebrate Halloween this year, but it will not take this great holiday away from us.  There are many creative ways we can celebrate this great holiday (with Baby Yoda)!  Starting with pumpkins and ending with a bag of Kit Kats is a great start!  This tweet has me thinking about great horror comic covers…hmmm.




FOOTER_Comic3-scaled Tweets This Week (...and Their Impact on the Comic Collective)!

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