Trondheim Comics Blog on NBM Website

by Jeff

Lewis Trondheim — award-winning cartoonist behind the DUNGEON books and other best-selling graphic novels — now has a cartoon blog on NBM Publishing’s website. NBM, which is collecting Trondheim’s blog postings into the upcoming book LITTLE NOTHINGS, delivers one entry per day at LITTLE NOTHINGS, Volume 1: The Curse of the Umbrella is due out in January and features funny snippets from everyday life, with the cartoonist drawing himself as a chicken-headed Everyman.

Trondheim has been nominated for Eisner and Ignatz comics awards, and has won the Angouleme comics festival’s Grand Prize. DUNGEON, his fantasy-comedy series with Joann Sfar and others, has earned raves from the New York Times (“an ambitious, surprising epic … biting and sly”), Entertainment Weekly (“you will warm to this book’s puckish charm”), and Booklist (“plundering has never been so much fun!”).


LITTLE NOTHINGS reveals Trondheim’s tiny annoyances, giant annoyances, rainbow chasing, love of comics, travel impressions from around the world, trouble with kids, and trouble with being a kid. It’s all in full, painted color in a 128-page, 6” x 9” trade paperback priced at $14.95 under the ISBN 978-1-56163-523-8.

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