Trolling Supervillains: Thor #137

by Norman Robinson III

119428_547fc34b2f31bab0a47df18431bad125332b604d-197x300 Trolling Supervillains: Thor #137Thor #137 is the first appearance of Ulik the Rock Troll. Now Ulik has been around the Marvel Universe for quite some time. Usually just another in a long line of Thor foes who gets the privilege of feeling the power of Mjolnir upside their villain domes. Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created Ulik in 1967. This character has “appeared in Marvel continuity for over four decades. He has been in related Marvel products including animated television series, toys, and trading cards as well” (Wiki). Ulik is more than a match for Thor with his bling inspired “knuckle dusters.” These dusters are made of URU which is the same metal that Mjolnir is made from, powerful. Yes, Ulik the Rock Troll has brass knuckles. Can Ulik punch his way to profit with Thor #137 and a potential appearance on the Loki Disney series?




  • Grade 9.8 $2300 FMV returns positive +78.5%
  • Grade 9.2 $230 FMV returns positive +22.8%
  • Grade 8.5 $110 FMV returns positive +44.6%
  • Grade 7.0 $80 FMV returns negative -5.8%

These returns are standard for a Silver Age key. Perhaps a look at the short term will give us better insight into if this book is increasing or losing money?

Ulik_Feat2-300x212 Trolling Supervillains: Thor #137Short-Term

  • Grade 9.0 $150 FMV returns positive +50%
  • Grade 8.5 $110 FMV returns negative -29%
  • Grade 8.0 $85 FMV returns positive +48.6%
  • Grade 7.0 $80 FMV returns positive +7.5%

The short-term (one year) gives us a little better understanding of this books situation. At 18 months there were many losses, but six months later only one negative grade 8.5 with others all showing positive trends. Now, we don’t have solid evidence here of a true uptick, more like a small amount of interest by some collectors/investors/speculators take your pick. The reason this evidence is weak is the sample size of the sales is only 2-3 sales per grade. Yes, it shows positive growth but will it send you to Valhalla to drink mead and dance with Valkyrie; not hardly?

117437_6334972ea7fa7b60f598446fb63a72041746d5f4-199x300 Trolling Supervillains: Thor #137Journey Into Mystery #107

You can’t have a Rock Troll without a sorceress for him to take orders from. This should be an unwritten rule of fantasy novels. I know you think, oh Enchantress. Wrong! Have you heard the name Kamilla? She first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #107 a sorceress and the Queen of Noernheim. What is even better is she is in love with Balder the Brave. This would make for an interesting triangle between her, Loki, and Balder. It has been strongly rumored that she will be in the Loki Disney series. Hold onto your winged helmets, le’ts check the numbers and see if this sorceress is the Queen of Nornheim or merely Queen of Crones.





  • Grade 9.2 $675 FMV returns positive +18.3%
  • Grade 8.5 $230 FMV returns positive +32.5%
  • Grade 6.5 $150 FMV returns negative -0.8%
  • Grade 4.0 $38 FMV returns positive +25.1%

karnilla-152x300 Trolling Supervillains: Thor #137

These are solid long-term numbers for Journey Into Mystery #107 with most of the 2019 graded sales being double-digit positive. The only negative is from 2018 or 2017 sales, easily rectified by current sales once they happen. This book is on its way to Valhalla. Who should you choose the sorcerer or the troll? Which? Bet on black, black magic that is. The profit potential of Kamilla the sorcerer is greater than URU “knuckle dusters.” Her numbers are just getting better, and though it is a bit of a jump for this minor character, stranger feats have happened (Yes, Guardian fans I am speaking about a Racoon as a hero). Don’t troll the bad stuff, go after Journey Into Mystery #107. Kamilla is sexy, powerful and makes a great villain for the Disney programing, a villain with a heart, not a heartless troll.

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