Trends & Oddballs: Spawn and Evel Knievel

by Matt Tuck

050621D_FB-1-1-300x158 Trends & Oddballs: Spawn and Evel KnievelThose 1990s comics, like Spawn, are getting more collectible by the month. We’re seeing it reflected in the Hottest Comics. Meanwhile, Evel Knievel #1 jumped plenty of hurdles on its way to the Oddball of the Week Award.

Remember that the Hottest Comics are based on sales volume, so this has nothing to do with high prices. What we see are the issues that collectors are adding to their long boxes, giving us a peek into the trends of the day. Here are five issues that should catch your attention.

spider-man_2099_1-195x300 Trends & Oddballs: Spawn and Evel Knievel1. SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 (+61)

This could be ranked as an oddball in itself. No, there isn’t anything necessarily odd about Spider-Man 2099 #1. What makes it stand out this week is seeing it as the single most-traded comic on the list.

Those early Spider-Man 2099 appearances have been consistently popular for years now, stemming from his Into the Spider-Verse post-credits scene. What is keeping it hot could be coming from the persistent rumors of his live-action debut. Still, the fact that Spider-Man 2099’s first cover appearance outsold every comic on the market this week is impressive.spawn_1-195x300 Trends & Oddballs: Spawn and Evel Knievel

2. SPAWN #1 (-1)

Week after week, I am noticing more early Spawn issues gaining momentum. While it is not uncommon to see Spawn #1 inside the top-five Hottest Comics, it is more than just that massively-printed first appearance. Dig deeper into the rankings, and you will see quite a number of 1990s Spawn issues planted all over the top 1,001; Spawn #10 hit #109, Spawn #5 reached #185, and Spawn #8 was this week’s #189.

I attribute this to Todd McFarlane’s long-standing movie rumors (who knows if we’ll ever see that?) and his expanding the Spawn Universe at Image Comics.

captain_america_25_v7-194x300 Trends & Oddballs: Spawn and Evel Knievel9. CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 (+74)

Another new entry into the top 10 this week was Sam Wilson’s debut as Captain America in Captain America #25. After The Falcon and the Winter Soldier wrapped up its first season, fans were generally pleased to see the new comics-accurate costume in live-action (although I hope Marvel dials back the foam muscle suit padding going forward).

Now that the studio has announced a fourth Cap movie starring Anthony Mackie, this issue will only get hotter.

X-Wing-Rogue-Squadron-1-193x300 Trends & Oddballs: Spawn and Evel Knievel111. STAR WARS: X-WING ROGUE SQUADRON #1 (+889)

Another upcoming Star Wars show is heating up the market: Rogue Squadron. The Disney+ market has been doing exceptionally well for over a year now, and collectors are beginning to stockpile the first issue of Dark Horse’s Rogue Squadron ahead of the impending hype for the live-action show of the same name.

While we don’t know if there will be any first appearances from X-Wing #1 in the streaming series, I still expect this issue to crack the top 50 before too much longer.


bevel_knievel_1-197x300 Trends & Oddballs: Spawn and Evel Knievel318. EVEL KNIEVEL #1 (+682)

Back in the 1970s, the daredevil and motorcycle stuntman Evel Knievel was a marketing machine. Not only did he excel at promoting his jumps (and highly entertaining crashes, if we’re being honest) but he licensed his name and image for all kinds of items aimed at kids. There were toys, lunchboxes, and even his own comic.

As much as I love ‘70s nostalgia, I have to wonder why enough people bought Evel Knievel #1 to see it jump the Grand Canyon of comics and nearly crack the top 300.

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