Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power Rangers

by Matt Tuck

072921D_FB-300x158 Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power RangersVampires and Power Rangers stole the show in this week’s Hottest Comics index. It’s time again for this week’s Trends & Oddballs.

The Hottest Comics ranks the top 1,001 most popular issues by sales volume. Digging through the list reveals some interesting buying trends, and it keeps the shrewd collector informed on what comics are surging and which ones are falling. Then there are always the inevitable oddballs that make you ask, “Who’s buying this stuff?!” 

Tomb-of-Dracula-1-198x300 Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power Rangers17. TOMB OF DRACULA #1 (+38)

Thanks to Moon Knight and Blade, Marvel’s Dracula has become hotter than ever. The quintessential vampire has been rumored for both the Moon Knight Disney+ show and the Blade movie reboot. What pushed things even further was the brief mention of vampires in Loki.

Fans immediately connected that to the original bloodsucker himself, Dracula. While Marvel Studios has said nothing on the topic of vampires, it has not slowed sales for Dracula’s first appearance in a Marvel Comic, Tomb of Dracula #1, and the prices are inflating by the month.

moon-knight-1-201x300 Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power Rangers25. MOON KNIGHT #1 (+14)

Speaking of Moon Knight, buyers were all over his key issues this week. Between the upcoming Disney+ starring role and the latest volume of Moon Knight kicking off last week, Marc Spector is grabbing his share of the headlines.

In turn, it sent collectors on a spending spree, starting with his first self-titled series, Moon Knight #1 from 1980. This is one of the more affordable MK keys;  that is a likely reason the sales have been so strong.

Marvel-Spotlight-28-194x300 Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power Rangers41. MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #28 (+105)

There were several Moon Knight keys that littered this week’s top 100. Among those was the character’s first solo story in Marvel Spotlight #28. While it does not compete with Moon Knight’s early appearances in terms of fair market value, that helps make this a prime target for MK fans.

Although not a major key, it is still a Moon Knight first, and it is much more affordable compared to his Bronze Age appearances in Werewolf by Night.

Future-State-Teen-Titans-2-variant-194x300 Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power Rangers95. FUTURE STATE: TEEN TITANS #2 (+904)

Following in the footsteps of Harley Quinn, Red X has transcended the cartoons and officially entered the DC Comics universe. Beginning as a character on the animated Teen Titans, Red X would generate a following that would eventually land him in the comics in Future State: Teen Titans #1.

While FSTT #2 is not his canonical debut, this particular variant ranks as his first cover appearance in the DCU. It doesn’t hurt that artist Dustin Nguyen hit a homerun with an amazing piece of artwork. 


Power-Rangers-1-195x300 Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power Rangers406. SABAN’S MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #1 (+594)

With so many old kids’ show franchises coming back into the mainstream spotlight, it was only a matter of time before this 1990s staple garnered attention. Since the Thundercats movie was announced, collectors have been stocking their long boxes with the first comic appearances of virtually any cartoon character.

Considering the new Power Rangers comics remain popular among fans, their debut issue was destined to make its way into the Hottest Comics. What was unexpected was to see it jump by nearly 600 positions and crack the top half of the index.

052721D-1footer Trends & Oddballs: From Dracula to Power Rangers

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Justin July 31, 2021 - 5:09 pm

Go Go Power Rangers! Hard to find in high grade with the card insert almost guaranteeing a color break along the spine.


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