Trends and the Oddball of the Week Award

by Matt Tuck

Trending_Comics_4.3_1-300x158 Trends and the Oddball of the Week AwardWhat do the Super Friends, Doctor Who, and a weird puppy-cat-thing have in common? Not much, but they were popular on eBay this week. It begs the question, who’s buying this stuff?!

All you eBay buyers out there kept me busy this week. Whether it was spotting surprising trends in the top 1001 or those off-beat Oddball Award nominees, there was plenty to note. I almost needed an honorable mention category for the likes of Masters of the Universe, Transformers, and a little Anthro. Alas, there is only so much space in our weekly sales reports. 

Here are this week’s finalists.

Super_Friends_1-195x300 Trends and the Oddball of the Week Award836. SUPER FRIENDS #1 (+163)

I cannot even look at the cover of a Super Friends comic without hearing the standard-issue, straight-white-male voices that dominated these old cartoons, and boy did Super Friends put those particular voice actors to work. Dry as the Sahara and about as exciting as a tax audit, these were the voices to many childhoods. 

Not only does this issue feature the 1970s version of the Justice League of America, but it gives readers the first comic appearances of Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog. I can’t wait for the dark and gritty Super Friends Snyder Cut.

Super-Friends-7-202x300 Trends and the Oddball of the Week Award845. SUPER FRIENDS #7 (+155)

With the Justice League Snyder Cut setting the comic world on fire, I understand where the DC keys would proliferate the Hottest Comics index, but I was not expecting it to trickle all the way down to the Super Friends. Not only did the premiere issue of the series get a bump, but collectors were scooping up the seventh issue, which seemed a bit random. However, I discovered that Super Friends #7 is the first appearance of the Wonder Twins. Apparently, they activated into the form of a cheesy comic.

Showcase-79-203x300 Trends and the Oddball of the Week Award205. SHOWCASE #79 (+795)

At first glance, this issue caught me completely off guard. Why would collectors care anything about a character named Dolphin? Then I did a bit of digging, and I discovered the real reason anyone would want this issue: it is the origin of Aqualad. 

If you have been following DC’s Future State, Aqualad has ascended to the role of Aquaman, and his new cosmic adventures are excellent reads. They are so good that I imagine I am not alone in hoping this becomes the new norm going forward.

Marvel-Premiere-57-192x300 Trends and the Oddball of the Week Award881. MARVEL PREMIERE #57 (+119)

Did you know that Doctor Who has appeared in the Marvel Universe? That’s right. In 1980, the fourth Doctor and his TARDIS made their first American comic debut in the pages of Marvel Premiere #57, effectively putting Doctor Who in Marvel. That does not necessarily make him part of Earth 616, but it is a fascinating connection between the comic publishing giant and one of the most famous and enduring science-fiction franchises in the world. As an added bonus, you get the always-amazing Walt Simonson artwork.


Bee-and-Puppycat-7-195x300 Trends and the Oddball of the Week Award548. BEE AND PUPPYCAT #7 (+451)

This proves there is a market for anything. 

When it came to the prestigious Oddball of the Week Award, it was hard to narrow things down, but when I see the words “puppy” and “cat” together in a comic title, we have ourselves a winner. At first, I wondered if this was a spin on the old Nickelodeon cartoon, Catdog, but this is a new level of weirdness in the vein of Stephen Universe and Adventure Time

What is Bee and PuppyCat? Apparently, this is a web-based cartoon series that began as a Kickstarter, and I love any crowd-funded success story. The show itself is about a woman named Bee with no real purpose in life, going from one minimum-wage job to the next. One day, PuppyCat falls out of the sky, and he takes her to an alternate dimension where she works for a sentient television. It sounds like they went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

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dave stevens April 7, 2021 - 4:15 pm

Showcase 79 is literally all about Dolphin and no one notices there is a reprint of the Aqualad origin.


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