Trends and Oddballs: Ewoks, Super Mario, and Roger Rabbit

by Matt Tuck

Trends-Blog-300x300 Trends and Oddballs: Ewoks, Super Mario, and Roger RabbitThis was a week for random trends with everything from the Ewoks to Super Mario and even Roger Rabbit cracking the top 1001 comics.

With the comic market booming like it has been this year, it is easy to take collecting too seriously. Judging by these five titles, a number of buyers took a more lighthearted approach to their eBay investments. 

Now we just need Super Mario, Roger Rabbit, and the Ewoks to form their own shared cinematic universe. 

Star-Wars-94-195x300 Trends and Oddballs: Ewoks, Super Mario, and Roger Rabbit242. STAR WARS #94 (+757)

Remember that scene in Return of the Jedi when the Ewoks are happily preparing to roast Luke Skywalker and company over an open fire and eat them? Remember the one Ewok who was gathering wood and singing some weird but strangely catchy song? I cannot look at the cover of Star Wars #94 without hearing that song in my head. Now it’s in your head. You are welcome.

Seeing a Star Wars comic on the list is a foregone conclusion. Since last year, Star Wars has dominated the secondary market. But when teddy bear cover art is enough to get a comic inside the top 250, maybe things have gotten out of hand.

Super_Mario_Bros_Special_Edition_Vol_1_1-207x300 Trends and Oddballs: Ewoks, Super Mario, and Roger Rabbit435. SUPER MARIO BROTHERS SPECIAL EDITION #1 (+564)

These nostalgic kid’s comics are becoming more and more common on the Hottest Comics list. A couple of weeks ago, the first Beavis & Butt-Head comic cracked the hot 1000. Last week, the Simpsons’ comic debut was on the index. Now we cross into video game territory with the icon of modern gaming, Super Mario. Now the only question is when will Super Mario invade the MCU so that his first comic will be worth $10k.

Hercules_Unbound_Vol_1_1-195x300 Trends and Oddballs: Ewoks, Super Mario, and Roger Rabbit693. HERCULES UNBOUND #1 (+306)

It is easy to forget that Marvel does not have the only Hercules in the world of comic books. At first glance, I thought Hercules Unbound #1 was the Herc most of us are more familiar with. Then I looked closer, and there was the DC logo on the title. Here is something to think about. As I have written before, The Eternals cuts a clear path for Marvel to introduce Hercules to the MCU. What if DC surprised us all and beat Marvel to the punch by introducing their Hercules to the DCEU first? By no means do I expect that to happen, but it does make good food for thought.

Marvel-No-Prize-Book-1-195x300 Trends and Oddballs: Ewoks, Super Mario, and Roger Rabbit774. THE MARVEL NO-PRIZE BOOK #1 (+225)

Stan Lee’s dry wit came out in the Marvel “no-prizes.” The story is that he would hand out the “no-prize” to readers who spotted continuity errors in Marvel comics. My favorite part of the legend is that Stan Lee would even mail empty envelopes labeled as containing a no-prize for a special reader. It makes it even better that not everyone got the joke, and some people even wrote back to ask for their prizes. In 1983, Marvel published an actual No-Prize Book, which took a tongue-in-cheek look at their own mistakes. 


Roger-Rabbit-1 Trends and Oddballs: Ewoks, Super Mario, and Roger Rabbit875. ROGER RABBIT #1 (+125)

There were plenty of oddities in this week’s list, but Roger Rabbit’s first appearance in a comic book caught me completely off guard. Quite frankly, I have not thought about Who Framed Roger Rabbit? in a long time. This surely means that Roger Rabbit is a hot character, and that makes Roger Rabbit #1 a hot book, right? Not exactly, since you can still get a copy of your very own for $5-$10. But at least it gives us something to talk about.

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