Trending Comics: Wolverine Casting News

by Matt Tuck

070622F-1024x536 Trending Comics: Wolverine Casting NewsIt would seem that Marvel Studios is on the cusp of a major announcement, and that is causing those Wolverine keys to trend across the Hottest Comics.

Welcome to the Trending Comics, and it is no surprise that the MCU news and speculation is causing waves in the Hottest Comics lists. Keep in mind that the rankings are not based on sales prices. Instead, these come from the eBay sales volume. Digging deeper into those rankings, we see the next key issues that would seem destined to reach the top of the ladder. Take a look.


wolverine-1-1-193x300 Trending Comics: Wolverine Casting News

To this day, Frank Miller’s depiction of Wolverine on the cover of the first issue of 1982’s limited series is among the character’s most famous. Since the speculation began about Wolverine and the X-Men entering the MCU, this issue has earned record prices.

With the recent news that actor Taron Egerton has met with Marvel Studios about playing the new version of Canada’s favorite superhero, Wolverine #1 lifted into the top-five Hottest Comics. This potential casting has been rumored for years, so it shouldn’t come as a major surprise, and neither should the boom for those Wolverine keys.

32. INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (+52)

Hulk-181-cover-200x300 Trending Comics: Wolverine Casting News

Speaking of the possible casting news, it should be no surprise that Hulk #181 felt the heat from the speculation. Although Hulk #180 may be Wolverine’s first appearance, having him on the cover of Hulk #181 keeps this issue an X-Men holy grail.

Despite the lofty prices, buyers were scouring eBay for copies. It will be interesting to see where the values hit when/if Egerton is confirmed, and that goes for the high grades down to the lowest of the low. It wouldn’t be a shock if records started falling soon.


Black-Panther-3-2022-191x300 Trending Comics: Wolverine Casting News

Earlier this year, Marvel introduced what could become the next Wakandan hero, Tosin Oduye. He comes from a tribe that shunned Wakanda’s vibranium technology, and he questions how T’Challa protects his people. What heights will Tosin reach? That depends on the editorial direction, which is what all new appearances hinge on.

In the meantime, collectors are stocking up on his first appearance. Of course, there’s always a chance that Tosin will be a glorified background character, but he could also be the future star of the MCU. In either case, the fun is seeing where it all leads.


Captain-Marvel-14-197x300 Trending Comics: Wolverine Casting News

As Ms. Marvel continues to gain ground on Disney+, those Kamala Khan key issues continue to climb the sales charts. Although Marvel Now! Point One #1 is the main target, this week saw buyers heading for Captain Marvel #14. This issue revealed Kamala in a cameo, watching her hero, Captain Marvel, which would inspire Kamala to become a superhero herself.

Be careful not to overspend on those early appearances because we know how this cycle plays out. Once the show wraps its first season, those prices will bottom out in due time.


Spectacular-Spider-Man-98-1-195x300 Trending Comics: Wolverine Casting News

The Spot is coming to a theater near you. Since he was announced as a primary antagonist for the upcoming Across the Spider-Verse: Part 1, buyers have suddenly become enthralled with Spectacular Spider-Man #98. It just so happens to be Spot’s first appearance, and it has gone from zero to hero in no time. Such is the world of superhero cinema speculation.

Looking for a more comprehensive look into Spot’s keys? Check out the latest Oddball of the Week.

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