Trending Comics: The Warlock Effect

by Matt Tuck

102521A-300x157 Trending Comics: The Warlock EffectThe Warlock market fallout is still being felt two weeks after Marvel’s GOTG 3 announcement, but a couple of his bigger keys took a dip in the rankings. Here’s a look at the trending comics out of this week’s Top 100 list.

There are some changes happening in the Hottest Comics. Instead of focusing on the past week, the data is now sortable for 10, 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days, giving us a wide cross-section of sales to analyze.

You may notice this week’s Trending Comics is missing something: the Oddball of the Week award. Since we’re focusing exclusively on the top 100, there weren’t any titles that met the weirdness criteria for the most prestigious make-believe award in all of comic collecting, the Oddball. 

Dry your tears because the show must go on, and there are still plenty of trends worth a second look in this week’s Hottest Comics rankings. Let’s dive into the data.


Fans had been waiting for nearly a decade for the big MCU announcement: Adam Warlock has been cast for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It has made for a major spike in all things connected to Warlock and any potential plot threads for GOTG 3. Prices have gone up so rapidly on these key issues that buyers appear to be taking a step back. See for yourself. Thor-165-2-210x300 Trending Comics: The Warlock Effect

25. THOR #165 (-20)

The biggest of the Warlock keys continues to pull in record highs in the sales department. However, that could be working against this issue, at least as far as the Hottest Comics rankings are concerned.

Only days ago, this was the fifth-best selling single issue in all of eBay, yet it has fallen by 20 positions. Why? The likely culprit is the increasing prices.

This could be a signal that buyers are pulling away until the market cools off and things get more affordable. 

Marvel-Premiere-1-200x300 Trending Comics: The Warlock Effect30. MARVEL PREMIERE #1 (-16)

Another red-hot Warlock key taking a tumble this week was Marvel Premiere #1.

This issue was special to collectors because it marked his turn toward his modern interpretation, and this is likely the version we will see in GOTG 3.

By comparison to Warlock’s earlier keys, MP #1 has been the cheaper alternative. With his popularity exploding like Mount Vesuvius, it has made this an increasingly pricey key as well. That would explain why it fell by 16 positions in this week’s rankings.

FF67-200x300 Trending Comics: The Warlock Effect6. FANTASTIC FOUR #67 (+2)

The one Warlock key that continues to climb is his first appearance as HIM in FF #67.

While the sales volume for Thor #165 and Marvel Premiere #1 slightly cool, buyers were still shelling out large amounts for this particular issue, which saw just a brief glimpse of the golden god-man.

I suspect this issue will follow the suit of its Warlock brethren and fall a few positions in the coming days, but for now, collectors can’t get enough of Adam’s first appearance.

Wildcats-1-200x300 Trending Comics: The Warlock Effect47. WILDC.A.T.S.: COVERT ACTION TEAMS #1

Those 1990s Image relics are getting the attention this week. Between Spawn reemerging in the mainstream comic realm and Youngblood’s Prophet getting a live-action movie, it is no wonder that collectors were leaning to Jim Lee’s contribution to the first round of Image Comics, WildC.A.T.S.

Their first appearance made a surprise appearance in this week’s rankings, and that could mean there are rumors of their future making the rounds on the gossip sites.

What do you think about the trending comics from this week’s top 100 list? Do you have any of them in your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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