Trending Comics: the Spider-Verse Impact Rolls On

by Matt Tuck

BLOG_feature_HCT_12.31-1024x538 Trending Comics: the Spider-Verse Impact Rolls OnThe Spider-Verse in all its forms continues to influence the market as Silk and Spider-Gwen keys surged through the rankings in this week’s Trending Comics.

What are the Hottest Comics? These are the 100 best-selling single issues for the past 30 days. The index is based on eBay sales data and is ranked according to sales volume. While an issue may not have inflated fair market values, that does not mean its sales figures have slowed down. In fact, cheaper issues tend to warrant the most attention, especially when Christmas budgets are already stretched thin.

ASM-4-Silk-198x300 Trending Comics: the Spider-Verse Impact Rolls On22. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 (+25)

Over the past couple of years, there has been plenty of talk about Silk being featured in a movie.

Whether she is part of the animated Across the Spider-Verse, stars in her own Amazon streaming series, or if that rumored live-action film makes it out of the pits of developmental hell, collectors have more than enough reason to want her debut in 2014’s ASM #4.

Of course, the prices have been inflating since the first word of a Silk movie began circulating. It would seem the issue is in for another spike.

Spider-Gwen-1-198x300 Trending Comics: the Spider-Verse Impact Rolls On28. SPIDER-GWEN #1 (+46)

Those Spider-Gwen keys have been heating up, and it is no wonder her first self-titled series bounded through the Hottest Comics in the past month.

For one thing, the character is returning to the silver screen in the animated Across the Spider-Verse.

Even more intriguing is the possibility that Spider-Gwen/Ghost-Spider is in the works for the live-action MCU. It all adds up to some rising comics.

Speculators have turned their attention to Spider-Gwen #1 since the FMVs for her first appearance in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 were pricey before all the current news.

DD-131-194x300 Trending Comics: the Spider-Verse Impact Rolls On71. DAREDEVIL #131 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Are we going to get that much-rumored fourth season of Daredevil on Disney+?

That’s what buyers must be thinking, warranting this book a place on this week’s Trending Comics analysis.

For several months, the gossip sites claimed that Echo would serve as a reunion and conclusion for the beloved Netflix series canceled much too soon.

Since Daredevil is back in the MCU, that leads to speculation that Bullseye isn’t far behind, hence the uptick in sales for DD #131, Bullseye’s first appearance.

Star-Wars-42-196x300 Trending Comics: the Spider-Verse Impact Rolls On76. STAR WARS #42 (NEW TO THE LIST)

The only surprise with Star Wars #42 making this week’s list is that it didn’t rank any higher than #76.

The Book of Boba Fett premiered on Disney+ this week, and fans can’t get enough of Star Wars’ legendary bounty hunter.

All his key issues have been on the move thanks to the show, and there are none more popular than SW #42.


Punisher-1-1987-196x300 Trending Comics: the Spider-Verse Impact Rolls On

Now that Daredevil and Kingpin are back in the MCU, it begs the question, are all the Netflix series official MCU canon? That is the debate until Kevin Feige makes an announcement on the topic.

For now, it’s casting a new light on those Punisher rumors. For the past year, there has been gossip that he would appear in Armor Wars. After Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio’s appearances in No Way Home and Hawkeye, respectively, it adds credibility to those rumors, and that is spurring collectors to get as many of those Punisher keys as they can find.

Here we have the first issue in the Punisher’s first ongoing series, and the gossip is pushing sales.

Which books did you expect to see on this week’s Trending Comics list? Let us know in the comments!

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