Trending Comics: Spawn and Weapon X Lead the Way

by Matt Tuck

100622A-1024x536 Trending Comics: Spawn and Weapon X Lead the WaySpawn #1 found its way into the top sales spot, but those Weapon X keys still owned the market in this week’s Trending Comics.

The past week has been filled with comic book news. First, there was Deadpool 3 and then Todd McFarlane made a splash with some tantalizing Spawn movie updates. The announcements left a sizeable crater in the secondary market that sent tremors all the way down to the 100th spot on the Hottest Comics index.

1. SPAWN #1 (+2)

Spawn-1-195x300 Trending Comics: Spawn and Weapon X Lead the Way

The Spawn movie is back on track, and with it comes the top spot in the Hottest Comics. Earlier this week, McFarlane announced that he and Blumhouse Productions had lined up some impressive talent for the new film. With Jamie Foxx set to star and The Joker scribe Scott Silver penning the screenplay, it’s definitely news that’s worthy of the excitement.

Ahead of the Toddfather’s big announcement, the buzz was enough to give Spawn #1 a sales boost and a place on our Trending Comics list. Now that we have all the official details, it should continue to soar.


Wolverine88-196x300 Trending Comics: Spawn and Weapon X Lead the Way

Spawn may have gotten the top billing in this week’s Hottest Comics, but fans are still reeling from that awesome Deadpool 3 news.

Unless you’ve been purposely avoiding all forms of social media, you’ve no doubt heard that Hugh Jackman is returning as Wolverine for the first Disney/Marvel Studios-produced Deadpool film. It’s been enough to send the Wolverine #88 deluxe edition all the way into the top-five best-selling comics on eBay. 


marvel_comics_presents_72-194x300 Trending Comics: Spawn and Weapon X Lead the Way

The Wolverine news didn’t stop there. Since Logan and Wade Wilson will be teaming up (and probably fighting along the way) for the new Deadpool movie, it’s driving interest in all things Weapon X. The program was first mentioned alongside Wolverine’s debut in Hulk #180.

The next best option is Marvel Comics Presents #72, which kicked off a series of stories that detailed Weapon X’s origins, specifically how Wolverine gained his adamantium skeleton. 


Wolverine-88-standard-197x300 Trending Comics: Spawn and Weapon X Lead the Way

You know an issue is red hot when both the standard and the deluxe editions hit the top 100 Hottest Comics. Again, it all comes down to that exciting Deadpool 3 news, and buyers are throwing their money at this issue. What’s so special about it? This marked the first time Wolverine and Deadpool met in a comic. It’s likely to cool off in due time, but for now, let’s enjoy the ride.

92. X-MEN, VOL. 2, #5 (NEW TO THE LIST)

x-men_v2_5-194x300 Trending Comics: Spawn and Weapon X Lead the Way

Omega Red’s first appearance in X-Men, vol. 2, #4 is a perennial favorite among collectors. This week, it ranked inside the top-20 once again. The more interesting pick is X-Men #5, which found its way onto the Hottest Comics this time around. Jim Lee outdid himself with this spectacular cover art to commemorate Red’s second appearance. 

What’s driving the sales is likely the prospect that the villain could appear in Deadpool 3. Reportedly, there was concept art for his live-action debut in Deadpool 2, and he was a background character in the prison scenes, though he didn’t make the final cut. With the Weapon X program likely taking center stage in the new movie, there’s a good chance we could see the Soviet super soldier on the screen.

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