Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes Moves

by Matt Tuck

061622D-1024x536 Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes MovesThis week’s Hottest Comics rankings were all about She-Hulk and Thunderbolts with their keys making the most noise in the top-100 best-selling comics.

There’s nothing like Marvel news to stir up the market. Between Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and now the Thunderbolts movie announcement, there’s enough excitement to upend the collecting status quo. At least until the next round of MCU news hits the wire, that is. For the time being, it’s those three properties that are stealing the show.

Remember that the Hottest Comics index is based on sales volume and not fair market value. That explains why you don’t normally see Golden and Silver Age holy grails on the list; they’re too expensive to warrant large sales numbers. Instead, it’s those less expensive and trendy keys that get the most attention here. With that in mind, let’s take a deeper dive into the numbers.

1. SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 (+16)

Savage-She-Hulk1-194x300 Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes Moves

Complain about the CGI all you want, but the She-Hulk trailer did its job. Fans are talking about the newest addition to the MCU, and the legal comedy should appeal to the non-comic audience. That could very well launch She-Hulk into mainstream superstardom, and that is precisely why She-Hulk #1 leapfrogged the competition by 16 positions. Now, it sits atop the mountain as the single best-selling issue in all the secondary market. 


hulk-449-198x300 Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes Moves

The big news over the past week revolves around the Thunderbolts. A rumor spread last year that both Thunderbolts and Nova would be getting their own feature films. Lo and behold, Marvel Studios announced that both properties would be starring in their own movies. The Thunderbolts news is causing another wave of speculation for the team’s first appearance in Hulk #449, a comic that was the belle of the ball just last year.


Sensational-She-Hulk-1-1989-198x300 Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes Moves

This was a solid week for She-Hulk speculation. Besides She-Hulk #1 taking over the number one spot and Titania’s debut in Secret Wars #3 being one of this week’s biggest movers, there was excitement for one of her classic series. Making a surge into the top 50 Hottest Comics is 1989’s Sensational She-Hulk #1. It all is a testament to the excitement surrounding She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, a concept that was truly born during John Byrne’s run on the title.


Hulk-1-2008-193x300 Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes Moves

The comic book community is enthralled with all things Thunderbolts. Fans are making their predictions about which team we will see in the movie, and that is influencing the market. One frequent topic of conversation is Red Hulk. Besides being a superpowered Thunderbolt Ross, the team’s namesake, Red Hulk led his brand of Thunderbolts in 2012. With She-Hulk introducing an expanded gamma-powered roster, it leaves us wondering if we could see a version of Red Hulk in Thunderbolts.


the-boys-1-197x300 Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes Moves

Four episodes into the latest season, The Boys is as darkly comedic as ever with enough fake blood to fill a swimming pool. Homelander is becoming more unhinged and psychotic by the minute, and the series is taking more comic inspiration as Butcher and Hughie experiment with Compound V. What will happen when Soldier Boy and Homelander come face to face? It’s that kind of buzz that is inspiring buyers to search eBay for The Boys #1.

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Upgrade2_Footer Trending Comics: She-Hulk Rules, The Boys Makes Moves*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Sean June 18, 2022 - 12:11 pm

Marvel is notorious for killing off their best characters with the most potential. Jean Grey as Phoenix was the female equivalent of Spider-Man or Wolverine in popularity. The character would have been Marvel’s hottest female character forever. Killed by Marvel in 1980. Same goes for Marvel’s original Captain Marvel. Killed in 1981 or ’82. The character had great potential even if the CM series sales weren’t the greatest. Both had great looking costumes, too. Elektra was also a great character. Killed in 1981, but finally brought back by Marvel after several years. Alpha Flight’s leader, Vindicator, also Killed. The best character in the AF series. And Adam Warlock was a great character that Marvel Killed and did not bring back for several years. And then after they brought Warlock back, they eventually ruined the character by turning him into a Doctor Strange type character and then they killed him again.. Marvel has had a knack for making really bad decisions. At least they didn’t ruin She-Hulk.


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