Trending Comics: ‘She-Hulk’ Gives the X-Keys a Boost

by Matt Tuck

090122A-1024x536 Trending Comics: 'She-Hulk' Gives the X-Keys a BoostThat She-Hulk allusion has turned the tide for your X-Men keys as Marvel’s merry mutants were trending across the Hottest Comics this week. Let’s dive into this week’s Trending Comics!

Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios crew want us thinking X-Men, no doubt. Specifically, they want us thinking about Wolverine. Whether that clever Disney+ allusion pans out into something grand or if it turns into a joke, it should make for entertaining television. Meanwhile, the X-Men’s key issues are getting hotter by the month.

1. X-MEN, VOL. 2, #1 (+13)

X-Men-1-by-Jim-Lee-195x300 Trending Comics: 'She-Hulk' Gives the X-Keys a Boost

Just as I mentioned in this week’s Coldest Comics, there are some issues I can’t get away from. While 1991’s X-Men #1 wasn’t among the biggest movers and shakers of the week, it did jump 13 places to reach the top spot.

With She-Hulk: Attorney at Law at the center of the MCU at the moment and the popularity of Secret Wars #8, it was a surprise to see the second volume of X-Men #1 climb to the mountaintop. Odds are, this is tied to that subtle She-Hulk Wolverine reference in the latest episode. 

42. INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (+36)

HULK181-201x300 Trending Comics: 'She-Hulk' Gives the X-Keys a Boost

Speaking of that Wolvie allusion, it’s no wonder that Incredible Hulk #181 got a jolt from the blink-and-you-missed-it mention. In case you didn’t catch it, there was a news headline that read, “Man fights with metal claws in bar brawl.” Clearly, that is meant to point us in Wolverine’s direction.

As I pointed out before, that doesn’t necessarily have to be Logan, but we’re at least meant to think it is. At any rate, it’s given Wolverine’s second overall and first cover appearance a B-12 injection as it climbed 36 spots this week.

59. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #238 (+31)

asm-238-newsstand-198x300 Trending Comics: 'She-Hulk' Gives the X-Keys a Boost

The Hobgoblin is back in the mix this week. There is still rampant speculation that he will arrive in the MCU, and most fans think Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Ned Leeds will make the villain turn, especially after that totally-not-foreshadowing line about not becoming a supervillain in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Since we’ve already seen Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin, twisting the story so that Ned ascends the goblin’s glider wouldn’t be difficult.


Amazing-Fantasy-1-2000s-197x300 Trending Comics: 'She-Hulk' Gives the X-Keys a Boost

Arana is generating plenty of buzz as of late. In recent weeks, her name has been added to the Madame Web movie speculation. Besides Madame Web herself, not much is known about Sony’s risky undertaking, but many speculators believe Arana could be a shoo-in for the cast. Once again, 2004’s Amazing Fantasy #1 has reemerged on the Hottest Comics index.


New-Mutants-1-195x300 Trending Comics: 'She-Hulk' Gives the X-Keys a Boost

When was the last time New Mutants #1 was a hot collectible? The last time this issue was making the rounds was prior to the release of Fox’s last and much-maligned X-Men movie, The New Mutants. Once viewers had a chance to actually see this movie, they understood why Disney was in no hurry to release it.

What would cause it to suddenly spring up on the top 100 best-selling comics? The gossip since last year is that the first MCU X-Men movie will be titled, The Mutants. In recent months, that rumor has cropped up again, and that could be sending buyers to the steps of New Mutants.

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