Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest Comics

by Matt Tuck

050523D-1024x536 Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest ComicsThe Marvel speculation was sizzling this week, and a classic Spider-Man villain was leading the charge.

There’s no question that Marvel rules the secondary market. Why wouldn’t it? Despite a dip in quality for its most recent installments, the MCU remains the behemoth of the box office. With the early reception for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 indicating a return to form, it’s back to business when it comes to collecting and investing in Marvel keys. Specifically, these five issues were feeling the love from buyers this time around.


ASM-41-198x300 Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest Comics

The first footage from Kraven the Hunter was revealed at Cinemacon, and word spread quickly about Rhino. Played by Alessandro Nivola, the Silver Age villain is reportedly more comics-accurate than we saw him previously. If you recall in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, he was given a mech suit that was closer to a tank than what Marvel Comics fans were accustomed to seeing.

Once the Kraven trailer is released worldwide, those of us who did not attend CinemaCon will get our first looks at Rhino and judge for ourselves. In the meantime, the attention is pushing ASM #41 back into the Hottest Comics rankings.


Venom-3-trade-dress-197x300 Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest Comics

Every so often, Knull comes roaring back into the Hottest Comics index. Sure, we’re led to believe that he is dead and gone in the comics, killed by Venom wielding a combination of Mjolnir and the Silver Surfer’s cosmic board. While he may be on the shelf at the moment, we all know he’s not going to be gone for long.

Knull is much too popular to leave out of the mix, and I feel confident Marvel’s editors already have some ideas of how they plan to resurrect the God of the Symbiotes. 


Web_of_Spider-Man_Vol_1_118-199x300 Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest Comics

With GOTG 3 having arrived in theaters, it’s time for investors and collectors to fully shift their attention toward Across the Spider-Verse. The trailers for this one look amazing, and we’re going to glimpse practically every Spider-Man ever created. One character who should get more than a cameo is the Scarlet Spider.

How much of a role he’ll play is unclear, but the buzz is enough to have buyers stocking up on his first appearance in Web of Spider-Man #118.


Marvel-Premiere-1-200x300 Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest Comics

After years of waiting, Adam Warlock has officially arrived in the MCU. True, he was teased in GOTG Vol. 2, but Vol. 3 has given audiences their first full view of the golden god man. While he may have been a bit of an MCU Thor clone, there’s plenty of room for growth in the Warlock department.

Chances are, he will play a larger role in the cosmic side of things, with or without the new live-action Guardians. That will have his early appearances on the move, as we are presently seeing with Marvel Premiere #1. 


ASM-Annual-16-198x300 Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest Comics

The Marvels’ first footage has arrived, and it’s receiving a rather lukewarm reception so far. This could change depending on what Marvel has in store for the next trailer. If they bring out the big guns and reveal a more dramatic story, it could give all those Marvels keys a boost, beginning with ASM Annual #16.

As far as the plot, there is a chance Monica Rambeau will assume the title of Captain Marvel, and that would make this issue prime collecting territory.

000080221A_Games_2-Footer Trending Comics: Rhino Charges into the Hottest Comics*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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