Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and Darkhawk

by Matt Tuck

042722B-1-1024x536 Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and DarkhawkIt could be time to watch an old Image Comics favorite, Pitt #1, as the issue debuted on the Hottest Comics list this week. Here’s a look at five trending comics! Which do you need?

The top-three Hottest Comics don’t usually change too drastically. For weeks on end, you can find Moon Knight #1, Venom: Lethal Protector #1, and Spawn #1 jockeying for the top three spots. Toss in Secret Wars #8 and Amazing Spider-Man #300 and you have your usual suspects for the top five on any given week. 

The fun part is scrolling further down. I mean way down to the bottom of the pile. There you will find some new additions to the Hottest Comics, and that is where things get interesting. Welcome to our weekly Trending Comics analysis.

Pitt-1-194x300 Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and Darkhawk82. PITT #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

This should catch your eye.

It’s not unheard of to see a classic early-1990s Image Comic make the Hottest Comics. The Spawn titles are mainstays on the index, and we occasionally see the likes of Youngblood and WildC.A.T.S.

Pitt is a different story.

This take on the Hulk hasn’t been in the top-100 comics that I can recall, and it makes me wonder why buyers were suddenly grabbing up the first issue. 

Secret-wars-1-201x300 Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and Darkhawk23. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES SECRET WARS #1 (+31)

All has grown quiet on the Secret Wars MCU movie gossip. Last year, the talk of the summer was that an adaptation was in the works at Marvel Studios. Add that to the confirmation that Laurence Fishburne will voice the Beyonder for the animated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, and you have the reason for the inflated values for Secret Wars #1.

With the Marvel Zombies seemingly debuting in live-action in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it would appear Marvel doesn’t mind crossing its animated and live-action universes.

That could be good news for Beyonder collectors.

ASM-316-193x300 Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and Darkhawk42. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #316 (+11)

Venom is getting a third movie, and that will cause a spike in all of his key issues.

Being that this is the third movie, that bump won’t be as dramatic as it would be for a character’s initial foray into the world of live-action. Still, fans love the original symbiote.

No matter how bad he is portrayed on the silver screen, those key issues are mainstays on the top-100 comics.

Here, you have Venom’s first full cover appearance, which has been gaining a following in recent years thanks to the inflation for ASM #300.

darkhawk-188x300 Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and Darkhawk80. DARKHAWK #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

An old favorite has reared his head once again. The notorious Darkhawk, the butt of many jokes among collectors, has surged back into the top-100 Hottest Comics.

What brought about this round of speculation?

This week, writer/director James Gunn revealed that he had plans to bring Darkhawk into the MCU via Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

While the idea didn’t pan out, that has collectors and investors curious if the man in the space bird suit is on the agenda for GOTG 3.

Sandman-1-198x300 Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and Darkhawk90. SANDMAN #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Despite rumors to the contrary, Neil Gaiman attests that the Netflix Sandman series is on track for a 2022 release date. These days, nothing is certain with Netflix. After raising prices and vowing to crackdown on password sharing, the streaming giant lost 200,000 subscribers in this year’s first quarter.

Will that affect Sandman from coming to life on the small screen? There’s no way of knowing, but Gaiman assures us that the premiere is on the way.

Which of these Trending Comics are you adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

000052721D-1-Footer Trending Comics: Pitt, Sandman, and Darkhawk*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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