Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas Cage

by Matt Tuck

032322C-1024x536 Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas CageThe X-Men and Moon Knight keys were trending this week, but it’s not necessarily the issues you would first think. Welcome to Trending Comics, the blog that digs deeper into the Hottest Comics rankings. The index lists the 100 best-selling single issues over the last 30 days’ worth of eBay sales. While the Hottest Comics blog focuses on the movers and shakers of the ranks, Trending Comics looks at the more subtle changes in the ladder.

x-men-4-196x300 Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas Cage6. X-MEN #4 (NO CHANGE)

This may be the unassuming issue inside the top 10. Week after week, X-Men #4 proves to be one of the most consistent sellers inside the Hottest Comics. On any given week, you can find this comic firmly cemented in the top 10. At the worst, it stays inside the top 20 and hardly falls below that mark.

Besides the Jim Lee artwork, the major selling point here is the first appearance of Omega Red. The Soviet relic has been rumored to appear in the flesh for years, and many fans are sure the day is coming soon.

That is enough to keep Big Red’s debut firmly planted inside the Hottest Comics.

avengers_annual_the_10-195x300 Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas Cage22. AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 (+12)

Thanks to Patrick Stewart’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness voiceover, the door is wide open for the X-Men to set foot in the MCU. That puts a new twist on an old rumor.

As soon as the Captain Marvel sequel was announced, there was scuttlebutt that Rogue would be the film’s villain, and she would steal Carol Danvers’ powers.

The gossip soon faded away, but now that Professor X is part of MOM, that means Rogue could very well appear in The Marvels. That is giving her first appearance in Avengers Annual #10 a quick boost this week.

Marvel-Spotlight-28-194x300 Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas Cage55. MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #28 (+12)

With less than a week before Moon Knight premieres, it is no wonder that his key issues are climbing.

While his first appearance may be out of reach of most buyers, it is putting a bigger spotlight on his first solo adventure in Marvel Spotlight #28.

Prices for this issue have been gaining ground for years, and that has put a hefty fair market value on MS #28. Still, it’s a far cry from Werewolf By Night #32.

Ghost-Rider-28-1993-198x300 Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas Cage60. GHOST RIDER #28 (+24)

Thanks to Nicholas Cage, Ghost Rider #28 is getting even more popular as of late.

With the Multiverse and No Way Home establishing that all Marvel franchises regardless of studios are on the menu, it is leading many to wonder if Nicolas Cage will return to the role of Johnny Blaze.

He has been making cryptic comments as of late regarding the MCU. Since Moon Knight and Doctor Strange are in the mix as well, it leaves us curious if the Midnight Sons are coming together, a group that first appeared in Ghost Rider #28.

Future-State-Wonder-Woman-1-standard-195x300 Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas Cage72. FUTURE STATE: WONDER WOMAN #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Yara Flor is building a fan base in the DC community. As part of Future State, Yara is the successor to Diana Prince, making Yara the Wonder Woman of DC’s future.

With the “Death of the Justice League” rolling out, it puts a bigger emphasis on the Future State characters.

That is the likely reason Yara’s first full appearance in Future State: Wonder Woman #1 has been on the move in recent days.

Did any of these Trending Comics surprise you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

030222E Trending Comics: Omega Red, Moon Knight, & Nicolas Cage*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent investment advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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