Trending Comics: Observations from the Hottest Comics

by Matt Tuck

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It was a busy week for the Guardians of the Galaxy and Apocalypse, whose keys were trending in the Hottest Comics rankings this week.

Collectors were hot for the GOTG keys and En Sabah Nur, adding these issues to their long boxes in droves. They were not alone, as the Y: the Last Man FX on Hulu show highlighted the first issue in that famous Vertigo series.

Here’s more.


Are collectors gearing up for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? The franchise made major waves in the rankings this week. Two Guardians key issues cracked the top five, and Incredible Hulk #271 is the hottest comic of the week after gaining nearly 1,000 positions.

Rocket isn’t the only GOTG character getting attention, either. Here’s more.

Marvel-Super-Heroes-Presents-18-199x300 Trending Comics: Observations from the Hottest Comics5. MARVEL SUPER-HEROES #18 (+630)

The first appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy in Marvel Super-Heroes #18 didn’t reach the heights of Hulk #271 this week, but it certainly made impressive gains. Of course, these are not the famous faces of the MCU. In its original incarnation, the GOTG featured the likes of Major Vance Astro, Martinez, Charlie-27, and a Yondu who is hardly the same character from the films.


Tales-to-Astonish-13-202x300 Trending Comics: Observations from the Hottest Comics84. TALES TO ASTONISH #13 (+353)

With Rocket’s debut getting so much buzz, his partner in crime could not be too far behind. Tales to Astonish #13 featured the first appearance of Groot, though it was not the lovable tree man we know and love from the movies. Of course, back in 1960, Groot was a horror character who wouldn’t enter the Marvel Universe until 1976’s Incredible Hulk Annual #5.


With the X-Men crossover event, X of Swords, underway in the comics universe, much attention has been placed on the X-titles, but specifically Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen.  That has put a premium on a couple of key issues from the first volume of X-Factor.

x-factor-6-195x300 Trending Comics: Observations from the Hottest Comics

18. X-FACTOR #6 (+982)

In the X-Men comics, Apocalypse has ascended to an anti-hero role, joining the island nation of Krakoa and aiding his former rivals. Will this be a long-term change for En Sabah Nur or will he make a “heel turn” and return to the role of villain? That remains to be seen, but his first appearance in X-Factor #6 is getting the rub from his current role as a hero. It does not hurt that he is the star of the hit X of Swords


X-Factor-24-191x300 Trending Comics: Observations from the Hottest Comics19. X-FACTOR #24 (+980)

With the Four Horsemen in the spotlight in X of Swords, it makes sense that those classic Apocalypse and Horsemen keys would be on the way up. X-Factor #24 is most famous for being the first cover appearance of Angel’s dark alter ego, Archangel. It also gave readers the first origin of Apocalypse, which is another reason to get a copy.



Y-the-Last-Man-1-193x300 Trending Comics: Observations from the Hottest Comics25. Y: THE LAST MAN #1 (+974)

It took several years and a skyscraper of rumors, but Y: the Last Man is finally coming to live-action. FX on Hulu recently unveiled the logo for the series, and that is the kindling that is fueling the blaze underneath the first issue of this Vertigo comic.

While Hulu is a major streaming service, the audience size is not the same as, say, Disney+ or HBO Max, so I don’t see this as the next The Mandalorian. Still, it has the potential to be a breakout hit, and Y: The Last Man #1 is only going to get hotter.


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