Trending Comics: Nova, High Evolutionary, and Secret Love

by Matt Tuck

093021B-300x157 Trending Comics: Nova, High Evolutionary, and Secret LoveBuyers had good tastes this week as a deeper dive into the Hottest Comics reveals a surge in sales for the first appearances of Sam Alexander and the High Evolutionary. Let’s jump right into a look at this week’s Trending Comics.

It’s that time again. The Hottest Comics ranks the 1,001 best-selling comics on eBay, and it is easy to get caught up in the flashy picks. Dig a little, and you will see more surprises that help keep you in the loop on what buyers want. Then there are those comics that make you ask, “Who’s buying this stuff?!”

Trending Comics:

Marvel-Point-One-1-2012-193x300 Trending Comics: Nova, High Evolutionary, and Secret Love63. MARVEL POINT ONE #1 (+936)

The original Marvel Point One #1 from 2012 may not be quite as famous as All-New Marvel NOW! Point One #1, but that could be on the verge of changing. What makes Point One a prime target for collectors is the first appearance of Sam Alexander, the younger version of Nova.

The word has been for years now that some version of Nova is coming to the MCU, but nothing has been made official. With more cosmic movies on the way from Marvel Studios, the table is set for Nova.

What makes Sam a favorite for the role is his appeal to a teenage audience since his take on the character was featured in the Disney XD cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man

Thor-134-1-197x300 Trending Comics: Nova, High Evolutionary, and Secret Love72. THOR #134 (+26)

There are growing rumors that the High Evolutionary is coming to the MCU. Most of the gossip centers on the mystery that is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Now that The Suicide Squad is in the books, writer/director James Gunn is hard at work crafting the GOTG 3 script, and the rumor mill is churning over which characters will debut. Will we see Adam Warlock or Nova?

Many theorists have said the safe money is on High Evolutionary, whose MCU origin may be tied to the creation of Rocket Raccoon. With HE’s comic roots tied to Warlock, it would seem those two would be a perfect pair for Gunn’s next comic movie.

usagi_1-193x300 Trending Comics: Nova, High Evolutionary, and Secret Love95. USAGI YOJIMBO #1 (+904)

In the same vein as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, there is the samurai rabbit, Usagi Yojimbo. For years, he stayed on the fringes of the mainstream, making occasional appearances on the TMNT cartoons. As the famous turtles became a worldwide phenomenon, Usagi became a cult favorite and built a mythos all his own on the independent comics scene.

After decades of waiting, the Usagi faithful will get their chance to see him make a play on Netflix in his very own cartoon series. Will he rise to the level of his Ninja Turtle contemporaries? It’s that prospect that is fueling the rising prices for his first solo title.

Batman-442-195x300 Trending Comics: Nova, High Evolutionary, and Secret Love99. BATMAN #442 (+900)

Tim Drake is getting his share of the spotlight over the past month. Much of this came with the reveal that the former Robin is bisexual, and that earned him headlines in the mainstream media. As we know, whenever the mainstream talks about a specific comic or character, that translates into sales.

Will Tim’s coming out lead to a more prominent role in the comics? Could he be an addition to Titans? There may be things happening that haven’t been made public yet. That possibility is likely what drove sales for his first appearance as Robin this week.


sinister_house_of_secret_love_1-196x300 Trending Comics: Nova, High Evolutionary, and Secret Love840. THE SINISTER HOUSE OF SECRET LOVE #1 (-288)

Have you checked your long boxes for The Sinister House of Secret Love #1? Neither did I. For that matter, who’s even heard of this book? (Yes, I am prepared for the browbeating in the comments from the five guys that love this comic.)

Seriously, though, it is always fun to find these oddball issues with a straight-to-the-point title that grabs your attention…and makes you laugh at the absurdity. Still, this one has an amazing painted cover by Victor Kalin.

This week’s Trending Comics has a little something for everyone. Let us know what you think about our choices in the comments!

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