Trending Comics: Nita Hawes makes an Unexpected Appearance

by Matt Tuck

010623C-1024x536 Trending Comics: Nita Hawes makes an Unexpected AppearanceDoomsday and Omega Red may have clawed through the rankings, but a surprise entry from Image Comics will surely have your attention.

If you checked out this week’s Coldest Comics, you noticed the shudder of winter’s chill aimed at some popular X-Men keys. However, there’s some cheaper options that were making their way up the ladder amid the chaos. It goes to show that while many X-keys are down, all those mutants comics you’ve been stockpiling for years hasn’t gone to waste just yet. Be patient and hold the course.

10. X-MEN, VOL. 2, #4 (+52)

x-men-4-196x300 Trending Comics: Nita Hawes makes an Unexpected Appearance

Omega Red is one of those villains whose aesthetic is so cool, you can’t help but love him. That was never more true than when he was in the hands of Jim Lee. It’s that awesome look that keeps his first appearance in the Hottest Comics every single day.

However, with the prospect of Deadpool 3 bringing him into live-action, X-Men #4 could be taking on a whole new level of speculation. 

28. NOVA #1 (+64)

Nova_Vol_1_1_B-199x300 Trending Comics: Nita Hawes makes an Unexpected Appearance

The Man Called Nova is incoming. It took years to get him on the official MCU slate, but his debut is in the works. What type of introduction that may be is still in question. On the bright side, it’s doing wonders for his first appearance. This week, it made huge strides and moved up the ladder by 64 spots.


New-Mutants-1-195x300 Trending Comics: Nita Hawes makes an Unexpected Appearance

Speaking of things being in the air, there’s the X-Men. Like Nova, the merry mutants are on the way, but there’s no indication as to when or how that will happen. It wasn’t terribly long ago that the hot rumor was that Marvel Studios was working on a secret X-project that simply went by the working title of “The Mutants.”

Someone even photoshopped the old New Mutants logo and had us all wondering if that would be the first X-Men movie under the Marvel banner. To this day, that gossip persists, and it’s no doubt having an influence on copies of New Mutants #1.


Nita-Hawes-Nightmare-Blog-1-Rabbit-Comics-Edition-A-198x300 Trending Comics: Nita Hawes makes an Unexpected Appearance

This is the most interesting comic on this week’s list. It’s always fun when a seemingly random issue is suddenly thrust into the top-100 best sellers. Nita Hawes’ Nightmare Blog spins straight from the popular Image title, Killadelphia, which put a new twist on the vampire horror trope.

This particular edition is the only Nita Hawes comic in the top 100, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more to follow. In the meantime, we may have a new comic to watch.


Superman-Man-of-Steel-18-195x300 Trending Comics: Nita Hawes makes an Unexpected Appearance

With so many questions hovering over the new DCU, who knows what we’ll actually see? Is it a reboot? Is it more of a refresh? There’s no telling at this point, and I think that’s what James Gunn is going for. Naturally, that leads to speculation that one of the old DCEU miscues will get a mulligan.

The truth is, when we pull down the Snyder-verse’s rose-colored glasses, Doomsday was a complete failure. Maybe he will get a second chance under the Gunn-Safran regime. 

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