Trending Comics: More Moon Knight and Morbius

by Matt Tuck

040822A-1024x536 Trending Comics: More Moon Knight and MorbiusMoon Knight #1 has reclaimed its spot at the top of the Hottest Comics, but those Morbius keys were edging upwards after the movie release.

There’s nothing like the MCU to get a comic trending. With both Moon Knight and Morbius reaching the masses in the past week, it makes sense that their keys are trending across the Hottest Comics’ top-100 sellers. However, there were more than just their issues on the move.

Remember that the Hottest Comics are based on sales. A comic may have a more impressive fair market value, that doesn’t mean it will have the sales volume to get it on the list.

With that in mind, let’s look at this week’s Trending Comics.

Moon-Knight-1-1980-201x300 Trending Comics: More Moon Knight and Morbius1. MOON KNIGHT #1 (+1)

The first appearance of Khonshu re-established itself as the top-selling comic on eBay for the past 30 days.

Over the past couple of weeks, Venom: Lethal Protector #1 had been perched atop the rankings, but it was unseated this round on the heels of Moon Knight’s Disney+ debut.

The scene-stealer has been the Egyptian Moon God and his disdain towards Moon Knight’s meek personality, Steven Grant.

It has been enough to usher Moon Knight’s first solo title into the top spot. Let’s see how long that lasts.

ASM101-199x300 Trending Comics: More Moon Knight and Morbius27. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101 (NEW TO THE LIST)

I know what you’re thinking. “Wait. How can ASM #101 be ‘new to the list’ when it’s been one of the hottest comics for months?”

Keep in mind that the Hottest Comics rankings are always shifting based on eBay sales data.

The list changes daily, and sometimes it’s more noticeable than others.

That means that at some point in recent days, ASM #101 fell outside the top-100 Hottest Comics only to come roaring back with the Morbius movie premiere a week ago.

Inc-Hulk-180-2-201x300 Trending Comics: More Moon Knight and Morbius65. INCREDIBLE HULK #180 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Another not-so-new face found itself rejoining the ranks of the Hottest Comics. The official first appearance of Wolverine, albeit in only one panel, clawed its way up the ladder to secure an impressive 65th place.

With all the X-Men and Wolverine casting rumors, it’s no wonder that his debut issues would get the bump.

It would seem the world is on the cusp of getting some MCU confirmation for Wolvie, and that will send this and Hulk #181 to the top of the sales charts on that day.

85. MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)Morbius-1-195x300 Trending Comics: More Moon Knight and Morbius

Morbius never looked better than he did in the hands of artist Ron Wagner.

Before the Living Vampire was on his way to the silver screen, this was one of the more forgotten series of the 1990s.

While the story was nothing outstanding, Wagner’s artwork was fantastic.

At first glance, it almost looks like 1990s Marilyn Manson perched on that rooftop.

Batman-442-195x300 Trending Comics: More Moon Knight and Morbius92. BATMAN #442 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Tim Drake is headed to the DCEU. WarnerMedia confirmed that the third Robin and future Red Robin (Yum!) will be appearing in Titans in the near future.

That has helped the sales for Tim’s first appearance in Batman #442.

The bigger moment will be when he makes it into a movie, and there’s nothing saying that Tim Drake won’t appear in a future installment of The Batman or one of the HBO Max spinoff series. 

What do you think about this week’s edition of Trending Comics? Let us know in the comments!

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