Trending Comics: Lethal Protector Scales the Ladder

by Matt Tuck

031122B-1024x536 Trending Comics: Lethal Protector Scales the LadderCollectors were hot on the trail of Venom: Lethal Protector #1 as it claimed the top spot in the Hottest Comics. What else did we see getting the love from buyers? Step inside, and have a look around the Trending Comics.

If you’re new to the site, welcome to the club. In the Hottest Comics, you will find the 100 best-selling single issues eBay has to offer. This is measured over the course of 30 days, and it is based purely on sales volume, not fair market value.

It is easy to get caught star gazing at the top 10, don’t ignore the rest of the list. That’s where you can find the latest trends emerging in the secondary market. But I digress; let’s jump into this week’s Trending Comics!

Venom-Lethal-Protector-1-194x300 Trending Comics: Lethal Protector Scales the Ladder1. VENOM: LETHAL PROTECTOR #1 (+3)

We have new #1 in the Hottest Comics rankings, and it is one of the most popular Venom covers of them all. Lethal Protector #1 leap-frogged Moon Knight to take over the top spot. Besides the cover art, this issue is famous for being Venom’s first solo comic, and that is a trend inside the rankings.

Throughout the index, we see more characters’ first titles making the climb up the ladder. These are seeing a boom because the inflation for the first appearances is driving away collectors on smaller budgets.

That leads them to cheaper alternatives, which is what elevated Lethal Protector #1 to the mountain top.

x-men-4-196x300 Trending Comics: Lethal Protector Scales the Ladder5. X-MEN #4 (+2)

This is one of the most enduring comics inside the top 10. Week after week, X-Men #4 clings to the top of the charts, though it never quite reaches the summit.

What keeps this comic in good graces is the first appearance of Omega Red, the Soviet relic unearthed to torment Wolverine in particular.

Big Red never looked as great as he did when Jim Lee was handling the artwork for the X-Men.

Then again, did any of the characters look better than when Lee drew them? 

Wolverine-8-195x300 Trending Comics: Lethal Protector Scales the Ladder59. WOLVERINE #8 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Another classic cover made the index this week.

For those too young to remember when Arnold Schwarzenegger dipped his toe into the realm of comedy, the Wolverine #8 cover art was an homage to the Twins poster, with Hulk playing Arnold and “Patch” in the part of Danny DeVito.

Recently, She-Hulk and the Laura Kinney Wolverine reenacted the cover for Mike Mayhew’s She-Hulk #1, and that could be giving this issue a little added attention. 

Batman-609-194x300 Trending Comics: Lethal Protector Scales the Ladder89. BATMAN #609 (NEW TO THE LIST)

The first appearance of Hush enjoyed a bump thanks to The Batman.

During the Riddler’s conspiracy theory in which he accused the Waynes and the Arkhams of pulling Gotham’s invisible strings, the word HUSH flashed on the screen.

That has led collectors to Batman #609, which is famous for the debut of Thomas Elliot, better known as Hush.

Will we see him in a future movie? Speculators are banking on it.

ASM-50-199x300 Trending Comics: Lethal Protector Scales the Ladder91. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #50 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Just like in the MCU, Kingpin has pulled himself back into the fray. Wilson Fisk first appeared in ASM #50, and it has been a holy grail of a collectible for several years.

Now that he has returned to the MCU, although I’m questioning the decision to reshape him in the PG era, this issue has regained its popularity.

Will we see him in the next Daredevil installment? I would say it’s a high probability.

What Trending Comics will we see on next week’s list? Let us know in the comments!

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