Trending Comics: Kate Bishop, Star Wars, & WBN

by Matt Tuck

112921A-1024x536 Trending Comics: Kate Bishop, Star Wars, & WBNNo surprise, the Kate Bishop keys were trending in November, but there was room in many budgets for more Star Wars and Werewolf By Night first appearances as well. Here’s a look at this month’s Trending Comics.

The Hottest Comics is more than a popularity contest. While the flashy picks at the top of the list will get the most attention, it pays to dig deeper and look for the emerging trends in buying habits. With that in mind, let’s see what comics on the move deserve added attention.

hawkeye_1_kate_bishop_now-195x300 Trending Comics: Kate Bishop, Star Wars, & WBN25. HAWKEYE #1 (+46)

Kate Bishop’s first starring role in a series began in this 2017 issue. While that is enough reason to send buyers on the hunt for Hawkeye #1, there’s also a first appearance that could have future implications.

Ramone Watts makes her debut here, and she and her brother, Fuse, were members of the 2018 West Coast Avengers.

There were big hints toward the WCA in the Hawkeye premiere, and that’s creating buzz that the team is forming. In that event, it could lead to Fuse and Alloy being cast for the MCU.

avengers_annual_the_10-195x300 Trending Comics: Kate Bishop, Star Wars, & WBN30. AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 (+51)

Rogue was climbing high again on this week’s Trending Comics list. While her first appearance took a dive for much of October, November saw a boost in sales.

For the past 30 days, it’s been on the move, and much of that comes from the consistent rumors that she will join the MCU in The Marvels.

It doesn’t hurt that Marvel announced an X-Men ‘97 cartoon series, and Rogue surely will be a star of that show, no doubt.

nicehouseonthelake_adv-195x300 Trending Comics: Kate Bishop, Star Wars, & WBN38. THE NICE HOUSE ON THE LAKE #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

James Tynion IV’s newest horror series continues to create gossip. With so many comics being optioned for streaming, the odds are high for the hit series moving into the land of live-action.

That is keeping this issue moving up the collecting ranks, and it cracked the top 100 in the past month.

It doesn’t hurt matters that Nice House on the Lake falls under the DC banner, which puts it in HBO Max territory by default.

werewolf-by-night-1-198x300 Trending Comics: Kate Bishop, Star Wars, & WBN57. WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Prior to the massive Disney+ wave of announcements, the major news was that Marvel Studios had found its Werewolf By Night.

Of course, we’re assuming this version will be Jake Gomez rather than Jack Russell, and that has put collectors on the trail of Werewolf By Night #1, which featured Jake’s debut.

Next year, Marvel is slated to bring Jake to life in Marvel’s Halloween special. Between now and then, expect this issue to reach new heights.

Star-Wars-High-Republic-1-198x300 Trending Comics: Kate Bishop, Star Wars, & WBN84. STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

With The Book of Boba Fett premiering next month and The Mandalorian’s third season an inevitability, it is once again raising the stakes for the Star Wars keys. In recent weeks, Ahsoka’s spinoff series has been gaining traction with the announcement that Sabine Wren is joining the cast.

That is putting a spotlight on the other new additions to the Star Wars canon, and buyers are certain that one or more of the High Republic characters will appear either in live-action or animation. In either case, it will amplify the prices for those first issues, which is likely pushing the sales for High Republic #1.

What do you think about this week’s Trending Comics list? Let us know in the comments!

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