Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse Keys

by Matt Tuck

121622A-1-1024x536 Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse KeysIt was a Spider-Man type of week on the Hottest Comics index, and several Spider-Keys were getting the rub from the latest Across the Spider-Verse footage.

Movie trailers almost always spur the secondary market, and Across the Spider-Verse has done just that. Of course, with so many different Spider-Man variants being flashed on the screen, it is no surprise that buyers were taking to eBay in response. 

Let’s delve deeper and see what else was trending this time around.

23. SPIDER-WOMAN #1 (+21)

Spider-Woman-1-192x300 Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse Keys

There had been rumors galore that Jessica Drew would make her long-awaited debut in the Into the Spider-Verse sequel. Amidst the pure, joyous chaos of the latest Across the Spider-Verse trailer, we see Spider-Woman in her classic costume among the other Spider-Variants.

How large a role will she take in the new movie? That remains to be seen, but chances are that Spider-Woman will arrive in her own movie, especially with all the Sony spinoffs that have been given the green light as of late. 

28. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #252 (+18)

asm-252-196x300 Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse Keys

Those Black Suit Saga keys are always popular among collectors. Even before Venom got his own movie franchise and well ahead of a piece of the symbiote being left in the MCU, fans loved these comics. With the promise of bigger and better things for the Black Suit Saga on the big screen, it’s propelled these issues for months.

Although Web of Spider-Man #1 found its way onto the Coldest Comics list this week, ASM #252 with its classic cover made leaps forward.

60. INCREDIBLE HULK #180 (+31)

Inc-Hulk-180-1-201x300 Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse Keys

The early Wolverine appearances are perennial favorites and never a bad investment. With the allure of Hugh Jackman bringing Logan to the MCU in Deadpool 3, it’s put an added emphasis on adding those to keys to your collections.

Here we have Wolverine’s first appearance, albeit in cameo on the final page, in Hulk #180. It’s been getting more popular as of late, and much of that is due to it being a cheaper alternative to that holy of holy grails, Hulk #181.


Iron-Man-and-Sub-Mariner-1-199x300 Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse Keys

Over on the Coldest Comics, the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever keys took a major hit in the sales department. That’s only natural when dealing with movie spec. As interest in the film wanes, so does the interest in the key issues. However, Namor’s Silver Age appearances are still thriving for the most part. Hence, his fan-favorite team-up comic with Iron Man, which was published in 1968, is still on the move.

It all comes from the anticipation for the Submariner’s next MCU appearance.


Batman_497-192x300 Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse Keys

Will Matt Reeves add Bane to the cast for The Batman 2? We’re all waiting for his next move, and buyers are stockpiling the villain’s keys just in case. While this is not his first appearance, Bane breaking Batman’s back on the cover of Batman #497 remains one of the most iconic of the Dark Knight’s 1990s comics.

Artists and fans alike love their Batman covers, and the ‘90s had some of the best and most popular, so ranking Batman #497 high on that list is a testament to this issue’s significance. 

00080221C_Green-Footer Trending Comics: Grab Your Spider-Verse Keys*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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Corbitt December 24, 2022 - 12:56 pm

Needs to give large Props to Joe Sinnott for Spider-Woman #1 cover a True Bronze Classic – Make that a true All-Time Classic Cover!

ASM252 is as much, if not more, a 1980’s Spider-man touchstone as ASM300. Unlike ASM300, Spider-Man 252 in it’s day made more than 1 network’s national news! Nowadays it’s lower CGC population and cost than #300. 252 actually has held most of its value in the bubble burst whereas 300 is down big-time from it’s highs!

Sean December 26, 2022 - 11:29 am

I have always been of the opinion that Incredible Hulk #180 is the first appearance of Wolverine, just as Amazing Spider-Man #134 is the second appearance of the Punisher. Both feature a full body appearance at the end of the issue. Just like the first appearance of HIM (who later becomes Warlock), calling a full body appearance a cameo and not really an appearance, causes problems and confusion. Many years ago, i sent a letter to The Overstreet Update in which i disagreed with Overstreet calling ASM #134 the second CAMEO appearance of the Punisher (like it wasn’t the actual second appearance). The editor responded and disagreed, but i still think a full body appearance in one panel should qualify as an actual appearance and not just a “half appearance” or whatever people want to call it. Yes, IH #181 is the very popular full introduction of Wolverine after he first briefly appears in #180, and yes, he appears on the cover of #181. But i don’t think #181 should be worth more than #180. No matter what anyone says, IH #180 will always be the first comic book Wolverine ever appeared in. Period. I think IH #181 can be worth just as much as #180, but i don’t think it should be worth more than #180, because technically, #181 IS Wolverine’s second appearance ever in a comic book. Period. No one can dispute that IH #180 is a full body appearance of Wolverine, no matter what all the biased collectors, CGC and Overstreet have said to try to make it less than an actual first appearance.


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