Trending Comics: Chimichangas for Everyone

by Matt Tuck

092822B-1-1024x536 Trending Comics: Chimichangas for EveryoneThanks to Ryan Reynolds’ big announcement, Wolverine and Deadpool keys are surging in this week’s Trending Comics. 

Not that it should come as a shock, but the Deadpool 3 news has left a sizable crater in the secondary market, and it’s been less than a week since the teaser footage dropped online. Now everyone wants a piece of the action, and it’s made for a hot finish to September. 

Before we launch into the list, let’s take a moment to remember how we get this data. It’s all based on eBay sales for both raw and graded single issues. The figures are not based on fair market values but rather on sales volume. While a comic’s FMV may be ballooning at an exceptional rate, that doesn’t always translate into a huge number of sales. 

With that out of the way, here are your comic trends.

2. SPAWN #1 (+2)

spawn-1-1-195x300 Trending Comics: Chimichangas for Everyone

No, Spawn #1 didn’t have flashy numbers this week, but it didn’t need them. This comic has staked a claim inside the top-five Hottest Comics, and it rarely falls below that mark. Last week, four of the five biggest movers and shakers on the index were Todd McFarlane keys, which was largely due to his recently announced CGC in-house signing.

With so many copies of Spawn #1 available, and at a much cheaper price than those Venom keys, it’s no surprise that Al Simmons’ first appearance nearly took over the overall top spot.


new-mutants-98-194x300 Trending Comics: Chimichangas for Everyone

After Tuesday’s big Deadpool 3 announcement, an old favorite climbed back into the top 10 this time around. Before the teaser footage was dropped, New Mutants #98 bounced all over the Hottest Comics. Buyers couldn’t decide if it was worth the investment or if it would be better to put their money someplace else. Then came Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, taunting the return of not only the Merc with a Mouth, but also Wolverine himself. It should be enough momentum to carry NM #98 into the top five in the coming days.


Wolverine-88-196x300 Trending Comics: Chimichangas for Everyone

When those first appearances are too far out of reach, what do you do? In this case, head over to Wolverine #88 and the first brawl between Logan and Wade Wilson. This would be the first of many meetings between the two, but the issue has taken on new importance after the Deadpool 3 teaser.

As of early Wednesday, graded 9.8s were already selling for over $400. By that evening, one had brought $575 while raw copies were sticking around the $80 range.


Werewolf-by-Night-32-195x300 Trending Comics: Chimichangas for Everyone

It’s hard to believe that WBN #32 actually fell outside the top 100 Hottest Comics. Of course, when you consider its holy grail-level price tag, it shouldn’t be too shocking. Moon Knight has been old news for months since the first season wrapped,  and his first appearance has fallen to the collecting wayside. Thanks to the Werewolf By Night trailer, it’s brought Moon Knight’s debut back into the limelight.


Star-Wars-The-Mandalorian-1-195x300 Trending Comics: Chimichangas for Everyone

Din Djarin has never looked better than he does in Adi Granov’s hands. The cover art alone is enough reason to own Mando’s first solo comic. Then there’s the collecting perspective. All-Star Wars collectors will want this issue in their collections, especially considering the Mandalorian has shouldered the weight of the entire SW franchise on his back. Fans had been waiting for Din to get his own comic series, and it’s all about owning that coveted #1. 

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