Trending Comics: Bronze Age X-Men on the Rise

by Matt Tuck

012821B-300x158 Trending Comics: Bronze Age X-Men on the RiseAll the rumors of the X-Men in the MCU has put a spotlight on the Claremont era, and key issues from the early days of his run are gaining traction in the top-100 Hottest Comics rankings. Let’s look at this week’s trending comics.

Just about anything from X-Men #94 to X-Men #101 was collector’s gold this week. What brought about this jump in popularity? Maybe it is the rumors that WandaVision will eventually introduce mutants to the MCU by way of a House of M storyline. It could have been the news that Patrick Stewart opted not to return as Professor X in the MCU

Whatever the reason, collectors were buying up those 1970s gems. Here’s what topped the trending comics list.

X-Men-94-197x300 Trending Comics: Bronze Age X-Men on the Rise89. X-MEN #94

When it comes to the big three of X-Men key issues, it’s X-Men #1, Giant-Size X-Men #1, and X-Men #94.

What makes #94 special? This is the beginning of the legendary Chris Claremont run that lasted nearly two decades straight. Claremont’s love for the X-Men is what eventually put them at the top of Marvel’s super teams. By the 1990s, the X-titles were abundant and ruled the comics world. Without Claremont’s dedication, this would not have happened, and that is why any X-Men collectors need this comic in their collections.


X-Men-95-195x300 Trending Comics: Bronze Age X-Men on the Rise92. X-MEN #95

Those early Claremont X-Men issues were rampant in the top 100 this week. While X-Men #95 does not have the historical significance of its predecessor, it stands out for a couple of reasons. First, it is the second (and last) appearance of Thunderbird/James Proudstar. Also, to a lesser extent, it marked the second appearances of Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus, and as well as an early Wolverine appearance. 


X-Men-99-cover-194x300 Trending Comics: Bronze Age X-Men on the Rise94. X-MEN #99

As a single issue, there is nothing overly significant about X-Men #99. This issue’s value mostly comes from it being an early adventure of the second lineup. It also is one of the new team’s first meetings with iconic villain Magneto. Casual collectors may not seek this one out, but it completes the set of the #94-101 Bronze Age collection for Claremont fans.


652716_x-men-100-195x300 Trending Comics: Bronze Age X-Men on the Rise96. X-MEN #100

On the cover of X-Men #100, you have a classic Dave Cockrum masterpiece that is often imitated. Inside, the story had the original X-Men clashing with the new members that fans had quickly crowned the premiere X-team. In classic comic tradition, the heroes fought for a few pages before realizing they had a common enemy, and no one was seriously injured. The other piece to this puzzle is it introduced the Phoenix Saga.


X-Men-101-198x300 Trending Comics: Bronze Age X-Men on the Rise98. X-MEN #101

Maybe there has yet to be a decent adaptation of the Dark Phoenix Saga, but that has not stopped collectors from holding X-Men #101 in high regard. In the comics, the Phoenix Force has transitioned outside the pages of X-Men, and it currently is bonding with members of the Avengers. Deep down, we all know that it will eventually come back to the X-Men.


It is a great time to be an X-Men fan. Not only are we going to get a revamped version of the team in the MCU, but they have returned to form as heavy hitters in the comics. Between the two, it has put the X-Men back at the top of Marvel, and their latest reign is just beginning. And that’s this week’s Trending Comics list! What do you think?

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octoberland January 29, 2021 - 12:26 pm

#99 was also considered the first for Black Tom Cassidy, though it could be argued a cameo for those who like _that_ debate. The book comes with so much black ink is brutal to find raw in high grades. It loves showing any color breaks. Just a couple other reasons to look for that issue 🙂

– Craig Coffman

Nathan January 29, 2021 - 11:33 pm

I finally completed the 94-101 run a few years ago. Took me about 15 years. With 94 being my first purchase and 101 being my last. All are VF or better except 94 which is a VG/FN. These have stood the test of time and will going forward along with the other keys up to issue 142.


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