Trending Comics: Blue Beetle and Jubilee

by Matt Tuck

060122D-1-1024x536 Trending Comics: Blue Beetle and JubileeThe Blue Beetle and Obi-Wan Kenobi were trending across the Hottest Comics this week. Join us for the dive into the top-100 best-selling Trending comics.

It’s time for summer, and that means dipping our toes into the deep end of the pool that we call the Hottest Comics index. Focusing on sales volume rather than fair market values, the list gives speculators a snapshot of buying trends for the past 30 days. What we see are these titles emerging from the cold part of the water.

Infinite-Crisis-5-Jim-Lee-194x300 Trending Comics: Blue Beetle and Jubilee


Pictures of the Blue Beetle costume for the upcoming movie have been surfacing online, and it is causing quite the stir. Fans are delighted that it appears to perfectly match the look and style from the comics. In turn, that interest is leading buyers to the modern Beetle’s first appearance in Infinite Crisis #5.

The movie should bolster his appeal to mainstream audiences, and that will keep this issue climbing for the foreseeable future.

Star-Wars-2-195x300 Trending Comics: Blue Beetle and Jubilee

29. STAR WARS #2 (+8)

Disney released the first two episodes of its latest Star Wars streaming series, Kenobi, and fans are ecstatic to see Ewan McGregor’s famous beard return to the small screen. With the enthusiasm for Kenobi comes the inevitable surge in prices for Obi-Wan’s first appearance in Star Wars #2.

True, he did appear on the cover of Star Wars #1, but it wasn’t until SW #2 that readers were treated to their first look at the Jedi master in the actual story. 

Uncanny-X-Men-244-193x300 Trending Comics: Blue Beetle and Jubilee

68. UNCANNY X-MEN #244 (+14)

This week’s Hottest Comics were defined by those 1990s X-Men keys. The standard Magneto cover for 1991’s X-Men #1 took the top spot, and the collector’s edition charged ahead 62 positions to be crowned this week’s Hottest Comic. Much of the commotion for those comics can be tied to the X-Men cartoon revival in X-Men ‘97.

One of the featured characters from that show was Jubilee, and fans are expecting to see much more of her once the new show kicks off. That is making Uncanny X-Men #244 a prime target this week.

All-new-marvel-one-Point-One-197x300 Trending Comics: Blue Beetle and Jubilee


Kamala Khan is trending once again on the heels of the Ms. Marvel Disney+ trailer. Early reports indicate this will be the most kid-friendly of all the Marvel shows, but that isn’t stopping collectors from searching the auction sites for her key issues. Although she first appeared in Captain Marvel #14, the more popular item is her debut as Ms. Marvel in All-New Marvel Now! Point One #1. 

Darth-Vader-20-Mandalorian-198x300 Trending Comics: Blue Beetle and Jubilee


Who would have thought it would take this long to get the Mandalorian on a comic book cover? It’s been nearly three years since the first season aired on Disney+, and it reinvigorated the Star Wars franchise that had been reeling from poorly received movies. Since then, the show has caused massive spikes in Star Wars keys across the spectrum.

Surprisingly, it’s taken until this year for him to make it into a proper comic. While he did appear on the cover of Star Wars Insider Magazine #200, this year’s Darth Vader #20 marked Din Djarin’s Marvel Comics premiere. 

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