Trending Comics: a Future Contender Emerges

by Matt Tuck

071422C-1024x536 Trending Comics: a Future Contender EmergesThe MCU speculation was evident in the Hottest Comics this week, but the standout is a Marvel newcomer with a strong upside. It’s time for Trending Comics, the blog that takes a deeper dive into the 100 best-selling comics across eBay.

Ranked by sales volume as opposed to fair market value, these are the issues that buyers are stockpiling. If you comb through the data, you can get a predictor of what key comics are likely to be the future blockbusters. Luckily, I did the work for you. Take a look.


Black-Panther-3-2022-191x300 Trending Comics: a Future Contender Emerges

Very quietly, Black Panther #3 has been making gains on the Hottest Comics index. Last week was the first time I noticed this issue making the top 100 when it registered at #58. How can it be #58 a week ago but listed as “new to the list?” The index updates daily, so the data is constantly shifting. The indication, then, is that it fell off the Hottest Comics altogether before getting back into the mix. 

What’s special about BP #3 is the first appearance of Tosin Oduye who gets his powers from vibranium tattoos. With Wakanda Forever featuring a wider range of Wakandan characters, Tosin could find his way into the MCU despite only being introduced in February.

61. PAPER GIRLS #1 (+39)

Papergirls-1-200x300 Trending Comics: a Future Contender Emerges

The first trailer for Amazon Prime’s Paper Girls has landed, and it is inspiring another wave of buying. Fittingly, the characters first appeared in their 2015 self-titled Image series from superstar writer Brian K. Vaughn. Ever since the show was first announced, it’s brought higher prices for Paper Girls #1.

Between that initial news and the trailer, interest waned for a brief period. Now that the hype train has officially left the station, the lull is officially over.


Journey-into-Mystery-Annual-1-198x300 Trending Comics: a Future Contender Emerges

By this point, the cat is out of the bag. Or in this case, the mythical demi-god is out of the bag. Not that anyone didn’t expect a new character reveal in the Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene, this one has given the MCU its first look at Hercules.

When we will see the Prince of Power next is up in the air at the moment, but the Thor/Herc fistfight is inevitable. It has sent buyers on the hunt for Herc’s debut in JIM Annual #1, which clocked in at #77 on the Hottest Comics index.


Spider-man-13-193x300 Trending Comics: a Future Contender Emerges

As I mentioned in this week’s Hottest Comics blog, the symbiote keys are on the move. Across the top 100 best-sellers, you will find a litany of comics featuring Spider-Man’s amazing black suit. That also means higher prices, and it will cause buyers to find cheaper alternatives, one of those being Spider-Man #13.

Along with being a classic black suit cover, it also happens to be one of Todd McFarlane’s famous pieces from his epic run on Spider-Man in the early 1990s. Put those together, and you have the formula for an uptick for this particular issue.


Ultimate-Comics-Spider-Man-1-193x300 Trending Comics: a Future Contender Emerges

We can hardly mention Spider-Man without Miles Morales being in the conversation. The excitement for Across the Spider-Verse is building, and that is helping all the Spider-Miles keys, but the bigger moment will be his introduction to the MCU.

Here we have Miles on the cover of his first comic, and that has made Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 a hot ticket for years now. Thanks to the latest animated movies and the constant MCU speculation, it is once again picking up the pace.

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