Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer REVIEW

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Transformers Spotlight: Doubledealer
IDW Comics
Furman, Khanna, Milkovich, Atkins & Shalloo

Let’s face it, this has been a really long series. It became all the more apparent to me when I looked at a comic from this series for reference, only to realize it had come out two years ago. This issue brings that much back into the fold after all that time. However, the winning combination for this issue is the action mixed with chaos and the puzzle pieces being put together by the likes of Jetfire and Optimus Prime. Oh, there are still a ton of questions, but only a few less. The art takes the center stage yet again.

The issue opens with many of the questions being brought to the table for us. Benzuli Expanse, Nova Prime, first ark and Thunderwing. It’s all right there, but how does it all fit? I found the first page to be as helpful as any recap could have been.

Hot Rod gets recruited for a mission by Dealer. This provides a bit of closure to the Sunstreaker part of the story as well. At least it wasn’t totally abandoned. They are to find some thing called the Magnificence.

jun084033a Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer REVIEW
Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer (Cover A)
jn084033b Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer REVIEW
Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer (Cover B)
jun084033v Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer REVIEW
Transformers Spotlight Doubledealer (Reailer Incentive Variant Cover)

Meanwhile, on Earth, some Decepticons are up to no good as they are seen digging for something. The answer as to what they are digging for is yet another huge addition to the Transformers roster in this comic. The mention of his name brings waves of emotion.

The Autobots sent to the Benzuli Expanse are met with some heavy resistance. While at Garrus 9 we are treated to the highlight of the comic. Nova Prime shows himself and Optimus takes the fight to him. Optimus shows exactly why he is the leader and man is he tough. The problem is that Nova isn’t a regular Transformer anymore. It ain’t pretty kids.

The issue ends with Hot Rod and Dealer settling up on something that occurred many, many issues ago. Hot Rod steals the show away from Dealer in his own Spotlight! It’s an excellent ending.

There are a few other plot points I have left out as I want you to have some surprises if you are reading this, but the comic is very good. Sure, it bounces around, but there are two huge payoffs here that really help bring some satisfaction to the story.

The artwork is stellar. You need to look no further at how stoic and strong Optimus Prime looks. The Transformers that are supposed to look larger than life, do look larger than life. The issue doesn’t disappoint on any level visually.

The long arc is finally coming to an end and while not everything will be resolved, an awful lot will be resolved. When you look at the cast that this comic presents to you versus who you saw in the first Infiltration issue, it’s mind numbing as to how we got here connecting all the dots. This issue is not new reader friendly at all, but if you have been following this all along I am pretty sure you find this issue to be outstanding on many levels.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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