Transformers Maximum Dinobots #1 REVIEW

by Jeff
geekgoggle Transformers Maximum Dinobots #1 REVIEW

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Transformers Maximum Dinobots #1
IDW Comics
Furman & Roche

This issue returns to the Earth part of the story that the Revelations arc departed when it focused on the Dead Universe. Some of the Transformers that were left there get some play after too long of a break. This is was an exciting opening issue to a new arc. Some questions about continuity do come up though.

oct084206b Transformers Maximum Dinobots #1 REVIEW

The issue is thankfully constructed in such a way that I didn’t need to dig up previous arcs or consult with wiki to get up to speed. The story deals with a small enough cast that things are placed out nice and easy, like setting a table for two. Basically, the Dinobots are in the hands of the humans who are trying to turn them into their weapons. That is, except Grimlock.

Grimlock is stranded on Earth. He’s hunted by Scorponock and he knows it. What he doesn’t realize is that Scorponock and his Machination is after him with a fleet of Sunstreakers. It appears the regular old US government is also after him in hopes of adding him to their fleet.

Meanwhile, Hot Rod finds himself on the doorstep of the Machination and the “real” Sunstreaker (missing his real head) is getting along fine with his human head, Hunter. The Sunstreaker thread has been a dangling story for quite a while so this is a refreshing development.

The story has layers to its depth, but you’ll notice the main core Decepticons aren’t in this issue. It’s a nice build up, as we saw with some of the previous arcs. There is a larger human element to the cast, but it isn’t intrusive because they are basically like the Star Trek red shirts. They have voices and some names but they are easily killed off, except Hunter of course. The story makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to control these things?

The art is at its best in the action scenes. The parts where the Dinobots are being tried out are among the best scenes visually. Grimlock in action is also among the highlights of the art showing all the right moves of the Dinobots.

I’m not sure how long this arc is and where it will leave off but I’m glad we are revisiting this part of the Transformers story. There are small nagging questions about the continuity though. For example, Hot Rod had a huge role in the Revelations arc, so how did he get to Earth and is he alone? Also, what ever happened to Ironhide, was he cleared off Earth or not in Devastation?

I’m personally feel these stories excel with a small cast and this arc is using some newer players and has potential to be among the better of the arc in the IDW run. Add in that this arc is new reader friendly but does have some eggs for those that have read this thing all along and you have an excellent start.

4 out of 5 geek goggles

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