Top Two Comics: Silver Age

by Norman Robinson III

120326_dabffdaf3afa8371e8ea760aed4cb6d53233644a-201x300 Top Two Comics: Silver AgeThe second appearance of Captain Marvel and the first appearance of Carol Danvers is the top comic from the Silver Age for the month of February. Marvel Super-Heroes #13 is hot, moving rapidly with over 200 sales of this classic book in the last six months alone. Furthermore, the CGC Census has a total outstanding of 1133. This is a good number for the Silver Age, and still gives this book room to run. The runner-up is the perennial favorite Fantastic Four #48. This is the first appearance of the Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics. This is also the first appearance of the world-devouring Galactus. This book FF #48 has sold over 100 copies over the last six months, similar to Marvel Super-Heroes #13. But unfortunately, that is where the similarity ends and a serious loss of value begins.

As Ben Grimm (a.k.a The Thing) would say, “It’s clobbering time” he might have spoken about my review of Marvel Super-Heroes #13 vs. Fantastic Four #48. The only thing they have in common is a lot of sales last month and that they are both Silver Age keys. Beyond that, the differences are starkly mind-boggling and even worse yet mind-bogglingly stark. Marvel Super-Heroes #13 sold at such a pace that prices are dropping overnight. Take a look at the average returns for the last six months in regards to the upper tier or near mint books and their current returns. People are paying a premium, they are dumping them.


Marvel Super-Heroes #13 returns over the last six months:

  • Grade 9.4 value $11,000 FMV returns negative -17.7%
  • Grade 9.2 value $5250 FMV returns negative N/A
  • Grade 9.0 value $3200 FMV returns negative -16.5%
  • Grade 8.5 value $ 2250 FMV returns negative -25.6%
  • Grade 6.5 value $ 650 FMV returns negative -18.2%

The across the board negatives over the six months are really a bad sign. This simply means speculators are pilling out of this book as fast as possible. Now if we compare this to  Fantastic Four #48 you will see why MSH #13 just simply is not even in the same league. The franchise the Fantastic Four has been around Marvel almost longer then anything else. Further, the opportunity for Disney to megaplex this property is enormous for speculators. For many, many years Fantastic Four languished; but not anymore. This is part of the reason for the phenomenal growth nowadays. After all these years collectors have waited for the FF keys to really burst the ceiling and now they are. In a fashion, only the “ever-loving blue-eyed Thing” could come up with.

118643_ec1fe51db751f05915131fc54530a9fc6f73dcbc-200x300 Top Two Comics: Silver AgeFantastic Four #48

This team more than any other in Marvel represents the core of the Marvel Universe. Yes, Spidey will always be king but most of us started as FF fans. With movie potential on the horizon, these books are hot and getting hotter especially in the mid-range.

The returns over the last six months for Fantastic Four #48:

  • Grade 9.2 value $ 5750FMV returns positive +20%
  • Grade 8.0 value $ 3300 FMV returns positive +21.6%
  • Grade 7.5 value $ 2700 FMV returns positive +12.9%
  • Grade 7.0 value $ 2450 FMV returns positive +20.7%
  • Grade 6.0 value $ 1550 FMV returns positive +5%

Now, you will notice I used mostly mid-grade here to make a point. The value is totally in this book. The Fantastic Four #48 is a big key to own. If Marvel builds up the cosmic portion of their MCU as I expect they will. This first key is just beginning. Also, take note of the fact that James Gunn signed back on with Guardians of the Galaxy 3. He can make that sci-fi world come to life for audiences. Can you imagine him doing the Silver Surfer justice in a Guardians of the Galaxy type style? I sure can.


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