Top Three Recent Comics

by Norman Robinson III

715915_53bf1d0f0759928d5073a18ad76bb4b2dd521fb5-195x300 Top Three Recent Comics

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #1 (Convention Edition) is the third most popular recent comic over the last month (GoCollect). The cover is of Gal Godot in all her splendor, and this comic has been marching up the rankings for several months now. It was written by James Robinson with art by the team: Pagulayan, Parsons, Paz, and Hanna.

The grade of (9.4) near mint has shown a 13.7% return on investment. The numbers over the last 50 days have been exceptional and most recent sales have doubled. This book has traveled straight up but may be difficult to obtain due to the fact it is a limited convention edition. That alone makes it valuable as the total print of this variant could be small. Lasso Gal Godot before the supply is soaked up.

Despicable Deadpool

Despicable Deadpool #287 (Espin Lenticular Variant Leg) is the second most popular recent comic since January 2018 (GoCollect). Excellent homage cover to Amazing Spider-Man #129 and part 1 of Deadpool Kills Cable.

This book has strong sales, and the 24-month trend is in very positive territory. Best of all a 9.8 is still within reach even today. Total cost currently to buy a near mint (9.8) is around $57 on eBay. Besides cover artist, Salva Espin created a fantastic cover that all fans of Spider-Man, Punisher or Deadpool should own. This book is a must obtain for any Punisher fans. Get this comic in your sights now and purchase.

Batman Who Laughs

Batman Who Laughs #1 has exploded onto the scene with 41 sales records in slabbed comics since November 2017 (GoCollect). This comic was written by James Tynion IV and art by Riley Rossmo. BWL #1 has shown an increase in purchases in the last three months hence the number one ranking as most popular recent comics (GoCollect). This book is the first cover of Batman Who Laughs and appears to have a devoted following. Furthermore, it plays a tie-in role with the Dark Nights: Metal series of comics that has been hot since it hit the shelves.

Looking at the numbers a little closer yields some answers as a speculative buy. Batman Who Laughs in 9.8 grade has shown a decrease of 21.4% over the last three months. Additional classes, like 9.6 and 9.4 have seen a flat line and are not profitable yet. Now perhaps this cover and the character will draw a significant return eventually and become viable speculation. At this time, however, I cannot in good conscience suggest this comic as a substantial purchase for 2018 as it doesn’t have the numbers to prove it.

If anything, this book BWL #1 has shown a decline and that it does not have a stable return. Essentially, on December 14, 2017 the grade of 9.8 near mint sold for $149; jump forward to February 15th, 2018 and that same grade 9.8 sold for loss of $75. That speculation would have cost you a 32% loss in value and a negative return.

Warning Will Robinson! Just back away from this comic and instead grab a copy of Despicable Deadpool #287, or even Wonder Woman #1 (Convention Edition) instead. Both of these comics have better numbers and consistency, besides who doesn’t want to own a cover with Gal Godot.

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