Top Three Modern Age Comics

by Norman Robinson III

692364_spawn-1-195x300 Top Three Modern Age ComicsTodd McFarlane made such a huge impact on the comic book industry in the 1990s it is still being felt today. Imagine you are someone that has such universally recognized talent that you literally change the way characters are drawn let alone conceived. McFarlane is one of those people whose work continues to inspire and pull down huge profits for his key books.

McFarlane gave us two of the current top three books for the Modern Age last month with Spawn #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #300. Not to mention his Venom success that led to the continuation of that character’s story and eventually the creation of Carnage (Amazing Spider-Man #361). Many people swear by Amazing Spider-Man #300 certainly several speculators I know of are drawn to this work because of its universal demand. All three of these books are prime speculation targets, they have two key qualities: one, they are popular and widespread, and two, there are several near term catalysts on the horizon. Venom, Spawn or Carnage pick your favorite carnivore all have good speculation prospects.



142771_f0655e9dcb15bdeb34c33ff5c14af087dd6ea3db-196x300 Top Three Modern Age ComicsAmazing Spider-Man #300

This is the first official full appearance of Venom, the ultimate anti-hero.  The long-term results from this book have continued to flourish and grow. What is really staggering is the ubiquity and equals parts desirability of this very big Modern Age key. This month it only ranks third but it has been in the top ten for at least the last two years. Many folks as mentioned earlier are betting on this book in a big way to hold up over the next 20 years, give or take. They just might be right.


  • Grade 9.8 $2,000 last sale 2-4-20 returns negative -4%
  • Grade 9.2 $376 last sale 2-3-20 returns positive +1%
  • Grade 7.5 $230 last sale 2-2-20 returns positive +28%


171460_e1e49a430fd60272eb29e16a8e07f9530d5ea8b8-195x300 Top Three Modern Age ComicsAmazing Spider-Man #361

This is the first appearance of Carnage, a big villain in the Venom saga. How this character is going to be more impressive than Riot is the question? After all, they portrayed Riot in the Venom movie as powerful and more than a match for Venom. Carnage is going to seem like more of the same I suppose. The one thing special about Carnage is that he is the spawn of Venom. Yes, Carnage is Venom’s osmosis love child. This book is popular much like Amazing Spider-Man #300 but doesn’t have quite the same level of pull or fan following and you can kind of tell that by the lower price points.





  • Grade 9.8 $305 last sale 2-4-20 returns positive +.8%
  • Grade 9.6 $152 last sale 2-4-20 returns positive +4%
  • Grade 8.5 $90 last sale 12-27-19 returns negative -10%


692364_spawn-1-195x300 Top Three Modern Age ComicsSpawn #1

Spawn #1 is the first appearance of Wanda Blake, Malebolgia, Sam, Twitch and of course Spawn. This is a multi-key first appearance extraordinaire! When will we finally get a Spawn movie? I don’t even think McFarlane knows at this point, but don’t allow Malebogia sized doubts drag you down to the pits of Hellish depression. A small reminder, this book was worth nothing as recently as 2017. Now it commands a solid low $100 price range and even though there exist many, many copies, this book is essentially a profitable collectible as of now.  I never thought we would even get to this point, and I own about ten copies of these suckers! Does the number one book for this month Spawn #1 gorge on speculator returns, or is it less than Spawn-tacular?





  • Grade 9.8 $82 last sale 2-3-20 returns negative -11%
  • Grade 9.6 $69 last sale 2-3-20 returns positive +2.8%
  • Grade 8.5 $30 last sale 9-30-19 returns positive +8.5%

spawn303-1-scaled-1-300x231 Top Three Modern Age ComicsConclusion:

The truly interesting thing about Spawn is it is so new and so many copies outstanding that even 9.9’s are in abundance. GoCollect shows 21 sales at grade 9.9, the last sale was $900. This 9.9 whopper has a return of positive +44%. If you are looking for big numbers in this book, shoot for the grade 9.9, it will probably cost you a $1,000 but the rarity of the grade will give this speculation a decent return.

You don’t have to be Todd McFarlane to realize these books will collapse after the first movie (eventually) hits theaters or even the sequel in Venom 2’s case. Just don’t be caught holding Spawn #1 when the curtains drop on Spawn the movie.



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