Top Three Bronze Age Comics: October

by Norman Robinson III

128104_6acef3bb970bf449331377a0a579ef870ad57f39-194x300 Top Three Bronze Age Comics: OctoberThe Bronze Age is fun to collect because Marvel tried so many creative approaches to comic books. Many new types of heroes were created in this age, one such group is The Eternals. Now their first appearance is increasing value purely driven by movie hype. This movie mania is slowly building steam during the creative process. The Eternals is Jack Kirby’s creation and seeks to answer one of the ways the Earth developed super beings: genetic manipulation. Well, nowadays genetics is not some sci-fi fantasy but reality. Back in Kirby’s day, there was lots of speculation about what civilization could do once it cracked the genetic code. This comic book uses that premise of genetic manipulation to envision a new group of superheroes, The Eternals. Can “King” Kirby wring a few shekels from this investment for your bank account with this venerable series?

The Eternals #1 

The Eternals are the third most popular comic this month. In my humble opinion, this is basically the Caen and Abel story from the Old Testament; just throw in superpowers, genetics, Deviants, The Celestials, and a few hundred thousand years of evolution into this sci-fi mashup. Who is the cook for this sumptuous super-powered sauté? None other than Jack “King” Kirby the father of the modern comic book. Kirby created The Eternals #1 in 1976 and did both the writing and the pencils on this masterwork of storytelling. He tried to weave together the strands of storyline to flesh out the Marvel Universe.

But does this book hold value for the modern investor or speculator? It is now ranked the third most popular issue in the Bronze Age last month? Over the last year, the one thing I have tried to cement into my blogs is the idea of a catalyst. This concept is important to the speculator and investor from a timing standpoint. The big catalyst for The Eternals: a new movie. The source for this is weak but consistent, two separate media blogs have confirmed this movie is in the creative process. Now we can check off the positive catalyst box for this comic book first appearance The Eternals #1.

The current fair market value for The Eternals #1 in the following grades are: (9.8) $950, (8.0) in $80, (6.5) at $55, and (4.0) at $40 FMV.  The catalyst of a movie has sparked ROI in this once fifty cent bin special. No longer a throwaway comic book the returns are simply “Celestial”: (9.8) has returned positive +136.8%, (8.0) a positive +53.2%, (6.0) with whopping +90.7% return and (5.5) sporting a +49% ROI. The Eternals have been with us a long time, the creator Jack Kirby had worked for DC on a similar concept called the New Gods that was canceled and left incomplete. Kirby returned to Marvel after the New Gods. He then respun it as The Eternals #1 and guess what it flopped! Yep, we are betting on a failed story, failed comic book, let’s hope the magic of the Kirby will shine on our investment.

Ms. Marvel #1

In second place for the Bronze Age, last month is Ms. Marvel #1. This is the first appearance of Ms. Marvel later to become Captain Marvel with Bree Larson at the helm. With a name like Bree let’s hope this movie and doesn’t stink like the cheese. I really don’t know at this point, Larson is solid but maybe there is a little too much rush to shove her into the middle of the Thanos storyline. Apparently, the Russo Brothers know what they are doing after all the hits they have created.

With such a clear catalyst Ms. Marvel #1 has skyrocketed this year. As an investment, Ms. Marvel #1 has not let us down yet, created by Jerry Conway and John Romita during the Bronze Age this book currently sports a $2450 value at mint (9.8). The long-term results have astounded, some might say positively cosmic! Ms. Marvel #1 has phenomenal returns at this point with grades: (4.0) positive +214.3%, (8.0) at +60.6% and even (9.8) has managed a +74% ROI, not bad at all. If you own it, sit on it. If you don’t; try to buy lower grade on the cheap and flip it pre-movie. Do not run out and spend big on the best return you can find, the cat is already out of the bag on this one.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8

This book has been in the top three Bronze Age comics for a while now. In fact, I have written about it so often it is difficult to have a fresh perspective on this comic book Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8.  Why is this comic so popular? This book is the first appearance of the Spider-Man symbiotic black costume. It has Jim Shooter on the script and Michael Zeck as the artist. These two make a great team and helped give birth to Venom a whole new take on a very old character, Spidey.

The recent Venom movie; has driven this book’s price up. The current value at mint condition grade (9.8) is $240. This is a great return on what once was a forgotten comic. With all the hype and popularity this book has shown some weakening. Currently, it posts negative returns (9.8) negative -8.8%, (9.2) negative -24%, and (7.5) negative -2%Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8   it might be popular, but now is not the time to buy in. Venom likes to eat everything, don’t consume this tasty investment just yet. Wait about six months to take a bite or you may get investment indigestion from this meal.



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