Top Three Bronze Age Comics in April

by Norman Robinson III

125303_c98bc044883a258764a1708b690c222ce06b9fe1-201x300 Top Three Bronze Age Comics in April

These three comics represent two of the favored heroes of the Marvel comics and one newcomer to the modern popularity scene, Captain Marvel. She had a hint of a debut in Avengers: Infinity War in the final credit scene. Hopefully, Brie Larson can bring it, and make this beloved superhero, regardless of identity, come to life on the XD screens of the world.

Amazing Spider-Man #129

Amazing Spider-Man #129 is the premiere Bronze Age key, with it you see green and more green. This age-old key is still in demand. Created by the team of Gerry Conway (script) with Gil Kane and Ross Andru (pencils). During April it was the third most popular Bronze Age comic. Back in December one sold for $11,807 in a (9.8) grade. In the lower grades, a (7.5) sells on average for a little over $900 (GoCollect). Despite this being the best key of the Bronze Age it is still in a reasonable price range at as a (2.0) grade recently sold for $330 on eBay (GoCollect).

The catalyst here is an obvious one that I have talked about before. We are in the first innings of the Punisher ballgame, many more seasons to come. The first season was brutal and punishing (ahem). I am thinking of one mirror to face scene, which still gives me chills. But this is the Frank Castle we know and love. Dirty Hairy of Marvel, the madman on the machine gun, and all around favorite fixer of sociopaths. Nobody dishes it out like the Punisher.

Punisher #10

One little-known book to own in addition to his first appearance key is Punisher #10 with him and Daredevil mixing it up on the cover. This book shows a 32% return over the last 18 years. I have seen this book personally go from the back issue bins to a wall book since Punisher series debuted. The near mint (9.8) in this book costs between $66 and $80.

Ms. Marvel #1

Ms. Marvel is set to appear as Captain Marvel in Avengers 4. Hence Ms. Marvel #1 is in second place for most popular Bronze Era of comics (GoCollect). This an exciting comic because not only is it the intro of Ms. Marvel; but also Carol Danvers returns to Marvel after last appearing in Captain Marvel #40. Furthermore, Carol Danvers gets a job at the Daily Bugle as a fashion editor and ends up battling a substantial villain appearing next in the next Spider-Man movie (mycomicsh). Yep, she scalps the Scorpion.

This book has produced substantial returns for a comic that even four years ago was zilcho. The current average price is $1650 for a (9.8) with some recent sales reaching $1840. The return for a total of 202 sales has been 6.4% on average over the last several years is proof this Bronze Age key is becoming the captain of currency.

Secret Wars #8 (Yep, Venom is still on top!)

The black suit is back on top. Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 that is. With Mike Zeck on pencils and a Jim Shooter script, this book should be, on top. It is currently the number one Bronze Age comic in April (GoCollect). The top selling price for this comic in grade (9.8) was $220 on average. This has increased in value 30%. The mid-range (6.0) has increased 98%, and this grade is very reachable $43 per the last sale.

With Venom coming out at the end of the year in October, now would be an excellent time to purchase a piece of the Venom symbiote. This black costume is iconic and a big part of the background and history of the character. With a great lead actor, strong story, and favorite character; I believe this modern comic still has a lot of room to run.

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