Top Ten Comics Sold in March!

by Ariel Lazo

784541_e031429b2d595e8489130bba551aa0d048c0d092-198x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in March!This month saw the beginning of the pandemic affecting the Comic Book industry in many ways. Although Diamond didn’t stop shipping till April 1st, many shops were already being forced to close. According to ComicChron, “While week 4 debuts had lower orders than for any week in March, the large number of releases made it the highest volume for the month.”

So put the doom and gloom aside for now and let’s see which comics made the Top Ten list for this month! Did you grab any of these? Which one was your favorite?

Top Ten Comics Sold in March


782175_0c5504fe4bc2deb7732c62747aca595fa2c21e26-198x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in March!10. Immortal Hulk #33

This issue sold 68,765 copies in the month of March. With such a great storyline by Al Ewing, many collectors have this run on their pull list, including me! Here Ewing throws us into Banner’s mind, which has been possibly infected causing him to have false memories. This 750th special issue will not let readers down in the least! FMV Pending.

9. X-Men #9

I’ve said it many times, Hickman is the man! I am loving this X-Men run in every way. Yes it has it’s down moments like many others do but so far it has been great! I won’t give much away here but let’s just say the Brood are back with a weapon that can control the galaxy’s greatest predators. The X-Men and the Shi’ar Imperial Guard get caught in the middle of this commotion. What will happen in the end? Is this a set-up for Empyre? Only time will tell! FMV Pending.


8. Strange Academy #1770570_4a442cd6aeae1e98b61497e9bd4ffae12fe48e91-198x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in March!

Dr. Strange has avoided doing this for years, opening his own version of Hogwarts. In Strange Academy we see Strange, Scarlet Witch, The Ancient One, Hellstrom, Magik, and Brother Voodoo come together to teach the ancient arts of sorcery to young students. With so much magic in the Marvel Universe, this is a team that will definitely be needed soon enough. Personally, I have not read this yet. But if anyone has please feel free to let me know your thoughts below! Current FMV at 9.8 $55.

7. Wolverine #2

Issue #1 made the Top Ten List for last month as well! Percy and Kubert have nailed Wolverine in every way. The way this story is crafted is leading this run to be one the best from Dawn of X by far! This issue not only brings in Lady Deathstrike and Sabretooth but it dives deeper into Logan himself and the Flower Cartel. If this is not on your pull list, you are missing out! The current FMV at a 9.8 is $40.

770717_1628b9dbaace86b71c540a805e45b70a25b34897-197x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in March!6. X-Men #8

This issue is the beginning of the troubles found in issue #9 above. Here the New Mutants return with the Brood following behind looking for their missing item, a King Egg. I also loved how Hickman works with Vulcan in the storyline. I won’t ruin it for you in case you haven’t read it yet but trust me it is worth the read. It reminds you of the older X-Men story arcs with a nice new modern twist. FMV Pending.

5. Thor #4

Donny Cates is back at it again with this run of Thor. Here we have the Black Winter coming with only one person who can stop it, Galactus. Galactus is the only being to ever survive the Black Winter, but he also needs something, a new Herald. Enter Thor, the new Herald of Galactus, an act he hopes will save the universe from the Black Winter. The last issues showed Thor take on Beta Ray Bill and Galactus himself, now he might have to fight Lady Sif. Who wins? Read and find out! Current FMV at 9.8 $46.

4. Flash #750783247_3d6dcd0aa3e48a920d67a69f257ca506f3d427b2-192x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in March!

The beginning of “The Flash Age”. Paradox is destined to destroy the legacy of The Flash. Godspeed, Paradox’s Herald, is sent to trap the Flash Family. Wally West now powered up with the Mobius Chair and the powers of Dr. Manhattan plans to fix the histories and timelines of the DC universe. Yes, for some reason, every Flash wants to fix the past and the universe. However, this issue proves to be filled with adventure and collaboration stories by other writers. Besides, how else will you ever learn about Barry using his Speed Mind power? FMV Pending.

3. Batman #90

The Designer brought together all of Gotham’s criminals together to unleash the perfect plot. Yet, Catwoman has a secret that the Designer knows that will tear her and Batman apart. If Batman wins he loses it all, but if he loses, Gotham is lost. What will he choose? Now although we have a new villain here the book does fall somewhat short. It feels very drawn out and filled with filler work instead of keeping the reader intrigued. What are your thoughts? Current FMV at 9.8 $50.

2. Batman #91

Continuing from the last issue, we see Batman and Deathstroke still fighting and going at it hard. The artwork here is simply stupendous. In order to save Gotham, Catwoman has to pull off the biggest heist ever. With the Rogues on her tail will she be able to save the city her and Bruce call home? Besides Tynion being a little too verbose for his own good, this arc is starting to shape up quite nicely. I still want to see where this goes before I personally jump on. Where do you think this story will lead to? Current FMV at 9.8 $60.

Last but not least, the comic that has sold over 50,000 more copies than the #2 spot…

783668_fdf7db8355e8661b813342ac1b58f68c67f6f717-197x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in March!

1. Spider-Woman #1

New costume, new adventures, and amazing covers! What is there not to like of the return of Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. Having her own superhero crisis, Jessica takes a job as a bodyguard for a rich kid. What should have been an easy job turns out to be the beginning of an epic journey. Even though she has been seen as a supporting character, she takes the stage as the leading lady and she does not disappoint. However, if you are going to grab a copy I’d say grab one of the gorgeous Artgerm covers, simply beautiful plus he showcases her original costume! (Artgerm’s cover is seen above) Many have been waiting to see Spider-Woman become her own hero. Although she is battling her inner demons as well as physical hang-ups, this still makes for a great read. I just hope it continues the way it’s going so far!


Even though this month was the beginning of Pandemic Life, it was filled with great stories to entertain those stuck at home. At the writing of this article, DC and Marvel have talked and set tentative dates when shipping will resume. It is a small silver lining amidst all this chaos, but a silver lining none the less.

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!


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