Top Ten Comics Sold in February!

by Ariel Lazo

767219_d02d535e51241789faf0117a3634c18e454453b3-198x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in February!The month that Batman #89 made famous. This month we saw some highs and lows like every month, but one book beat out the second-place spot by over 100,000 copies! Which book you may ask? As always keep reading to see the lineup!

Although a short month, this month was not short on amazing books! However, Marvel once again comes out on top with 7 books on the list versus DC with only 3. Now enough babbling let’s get to the list!


781872_star-wars-darth-vader-1-195x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in February!10. Star Wars Darth Vader #1

Greg Pak is back at it again! We all remember when Luke refused Darth Vader and the Dark Side, and what happened to Luke afterward. However, what happened to Vader? Well, he does what any other maniac does when they are refused by their only son, go on bloody revenge filled rages! As he goes on attacking all who played a role, he must also face his dark past. What kind of demons does Darth Vader have hidden in his past? Well, hopefully, you grabbed a copy to find out! Currently, it has an FMV of $60 for a 9.8 with 59,045 raw copies sold in total.

9. Amazing Spider-Man #39

Welcome one and all to the Palace! A casino ran by the super-villain, Chance! Here they take all bets, including whether or not Spidey will make it through his battles! Personally, I say grab #38 if you plan on following the arc, but regardless it’s a great issue. This has some great artwork and the classic banter between Jameson and Spidey never gets old! Spidey is one of those classic heroes that we all have come to love. With that said, some arcs do get repetitive and dull, however, this arc should spruce some life into the series. Currently, there is no FMV listed for this book. But do keep checking back!

8. Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost782230_ac4f16fcf4397f075a9ef2e63be0ae550ac2e5b6-194x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in February!

An homage to Morrison and Quitely’s New X-Men #121, this book features the two lovely ladies, Emma Frost and Jean Grey, teaming up in order to save a friend. Just like #121, this issue is a silent issue with next to no dialogue. This is a trippy ride into the psyche of Storm who was infected with a techno-organic virus by the Children of the Vault. While they nailed the artwork beautifully, the story still lacked something. I would have liked to have explored the relationship between Jean and Emma a little more. Either way, this is a book worth buying for all X-Men and comic art fans out there.

7. Gwen Stacy #1

This iconic character finally gets a great back story! Although we all know and love Gwen Stacy, not much has been said about her past. This book jumps back in time to Gwen’s days of being the “Beauty Queen of Standard High”, as Harry Osborne calls her. While running for class president, we see how she first honed in her Nancy Drew instincts. Even though she has lots on her plate, Gwen still makes time to help her father, Captain Stacy of the Police Dept., solve a crime involving the Crime-Master and the Enforcers. What seemed like a doomed second class comic, actually proved to be well written, full of canon Easter Eggs, and full of great artwork. Currently, a 9.8 has an FMV of $44.

781642_43ccd0da1304d1b1d3e019efde0ac0c47c2d24e3-192x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in February!6. DCeased Unkillables #1

The world as we know it has ended. The heroes have failed and the undead rule the world. But wait! The villains and antiheroes have combined forces with Red Hood and Deathstroke leading the charge. Together they plan on fighting for the little bit of life that’s left in the world. Although most comics are great at having the storyline flow, nothing beats what Tom Taylor did here. Everything moves smoothly, from one panel to the next, consuming you within the story. Filled with action and some humor, this book looks like it might even be better than the first series, DCeased! Currently, it holds an FMV of $55 for a 9.8.

5. Batman #89

One of the most talked and coveted modern books that have been released. When this book hit the shelves, fans went crazy buying and selling non-stop with prices reaching $175 for a 9.8! Fellow writer Matt Tuck touched upon this book in his blog, Batman’s New Villian Coming Soon…” which you can read by clicking on the title. All in all, this is supposed to lead up to the “Three Jokers” Storyline. But is it enough? The story sounds like it will be a great arc, but with so many people speculating on Punchline being the next Harley, it has taken some of the wind from its sail. But stay focused on new issues coming on the horizon, they may prove to be worth collecting or at least reading. Currently holding at an FMV of $120 for a 9.8, I say give it time and it will continue to slowly drop.

4. Batman #88779850_e67df20fff504252f9c2d50ca47529f079346e25-195x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in February!

Here we start with Catwoman exhuming a grave. Who is in the grave? None other than the Joker himself. Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman did something really horrible in the past that is coming back to bite them in the butt. One can only speculate as to what she did that has her so worked up. Although I did find some plot holes, like how everyone knows Catwoman is Selina but no one can figure out her man is Batman, still it was a decent opener for the new arc.

3. X-Men #7

This issue tackles my favorite storyline, House of M. With the resurrection protocols in place and working perfectly, mutants start to wonder if everyone who suffered during House of M will have their powers restored. Like with everything in life, there is a catch, one must pass the Crucible in order to be reborn again. We see this happen with Aero, a.k.a. Melody Guthrie, who goes up against Apocalypse, but the match isn’t about might. This match is to test all who wish to be reborn again, to see if they are worthy of a second life as a mutant. Although a huge fan of the original X-Men cartoons and comics, this run has sparked interest in many fans.

2. X-Men #6

Mystique has been one of those pinnacle characters that many have come to love. She has been on the big screen and in comics for years. So that being said, we all know that she can wreak havoc when she doesn’t get what she wants. This issue is all about Mystique being used and manipulated by Xavier and Magneto, in order to get her love, Destiny back. Unfortunately, not known to Mystique, Xavier and Magneto promised Moira not to bring any precogs to Krakoa, in order to fulfill their plan to save mutants forever. But Destiny saw that this might happen and told Mystique, she would be denied the one thing she desires the most, at that point- Just burn it all down! This X-Men run is one that all of us should be reading. It brings me back to how the characters once were during the 90’s cartoon but with a nice new twist.

Last but not least, the Number 1 book sold in February of 2020 with 190,568 copies sold to retailers…

780763_9f59a7c0893eb8cb1e8936c7167b6323e5d717be-198x300 Top Ten Comics Sold in February!

Wolverine #1

In a scene reminiscent of Old Man Logan, Wolverine finds himself in pain, waking up to the dead bodies of Quentin, Domino, and Jean. All three were murdered by his own hands in a fit of rage he cannot remember. Sent on a mission with X-Force by Kate Pryde, Wolverine finds himself going against new and old enemies. Krakoan plants have gone missing and a new drug is being created using these missing plants called, Pollen. In addition, Omega Red comes back in the picture as well and we meet the Pale Girl for the first time. The Pale Girl is a cartel leader with the powers to make anyone do her bidding as she commands, a good reason as to why Wolverine did what he did in the beginning. The Flower Cartel so far are the ones to blame for all of this bloodshed and theft. This new run brings back our beloved rage throwing, berserker who *snikts* his way through any problem. Personally, I can’t wait to see what new stories come from this run. Issue #1 was sold with many variants, all almost holding at $50 or above. Issue #1 currently has an FMV of $60.

Well, there you have it! A little late but the Top Ten Comics sold in February. Did you buy any of these? What did you think? Was there one you thought should have made it to the number one spot? If so let me know below!

Till Next Time, Happy Hunting!

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