Top Ten Comic Book Picks for 2021: Fantastic Four, Anyone?

by Norman Robinson III

Inc-Hulk-180-201x300 Top Ten Comic Book Picks for 2021: Fantastic Four, Anyone?The last year has been a crazy year.  Obviously, the COVID-19 Pandemic has been a blight socially and economically throughout the country. During this trying time, an unlikely event happened in 2020: There was a boom in comic book sales like never before. Apparently, economic chaos is a positive thing for assets and collectibles. Why? My guess would be a flight to collectibles as an asset class with the safety and security of owning a specific item, like a comic book. Surprisingly, our subculture of comic speculation and investing actually expanded and prices across the board represent an “all boats rising” scenario that has increased profits for all. Without further ado, Let’s take a look at the top ten comics of this past year.

asm-361-195x300 Top Ten Comic Book Picks for 2021: Fantastic Four, Anyone?Prayers for 2021

I hope and pray that everyone in the United States will be able to thrive once the vaccines are in full deployment by late 2021. What will 2021 be like for comic books? Will we ever see a blockbuster from Marvel on the big screen again? What key books should we buy now for 2021 and beyond? Further, are there key ages like the Silver, or Bronze Age that we should focus on? These are my picks for 2021…

Top 10 Comic Picks for 2021

Grade Catalyst 2021 Return (OneYear)
Fantastic Four #52 7.5 There is a great deal of speculation regarding this book due to the need to place a new actor in the Black Panther role.  Be on the prowl during 2021 for a new person to play this incredibly popular character in the movies. +53%
Incredible Hulk #180 9.8 The Incredible Hulk #180 has many investors humming that it is a true legitimate heir to the first key of Wolverine.  Some might look to Marvel Premiere #19 as his first cameo (ad in the comic,)  but honestly, this book is becoming very popular with collectors. +39.7%
Amazing Spider-Man #361 7.5 The next Venom movie is Venom 2. The primary villain is Carnage. Therefore, his catalyst is a clear bet; but what is not clear is how movies will be viewed in 2021? This book is also incredibly undervalued if ASM #300 is currently at fair value, by comparison. +45.7%
Amazing Spider-Man #344 9.2 Obviously, the Symbiote fan club loves this book in 2021. After all, Venom 2 the movie is coming, eventually. +33.9%
Amazing Spider-man #101 9.6 Morbius the Living Vampire has a movie coming out from Sony. This movie Morbius will either create an entirely new franchise with Morbius at the center; or drain the life out of their existing franchise with Spider-Man. Therefore, coin flip… +16.6%
Amazing Spider-Man #3 9.0 Speaking of Sony above, Spider-Man 3 (the movie) has already chosen the original actor for Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2 with Toby McGuire. Apparently, some kind of a multiverse creation is going on and this book could benefit. +25.8%
Amazing Spider-Man #20 8.0 Part of the Sinister Six in Spider-Man’s future, a long shot but still a great book and character. +29.8%
Amazing Spider-Man #316 9.2 The first cover of Venom on Amazing Spider-Man. In addition, it signified Venom’s return. +60%
Fantastic Four #73 9.8 In case you didn’t know, this book is the first crossover for Spidey to the Fantastic Four book. Moreover, this book could spike if Marvel uses a multiverse storyline tool in the next Spider-Man movie.  +39.9%
Savage She-Hulk #1 9.6 Firstly, there is going to be a TV Series with Savage She-Hulk. The actress has apparently already been chosen. In addition, the series will have a visit by Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. This book has been a sleeper since the series was confirmed. Get one now before the price doubles yet again in 2021. Apparently, this TV series will premiere in 2022. Additionally, this key book is the last character Stan Lee created at Marvel. +62.2%

She-Hulk-196x300 Top Ten Comic Book Picks for 2021: Fantastic Four, Anyone?Conclusion 

In conclusion, the two best picks from my list “Top Ten Comics for 2021” are Savage She-Hulk #1 and The Incredible Hulk #180, both are Bronze Age keys. Obviously, these two books hold promising futures. They both have something to do with the Hulk, which is interesting I suppose. Also, the She-Hulk will have a new TV series in 2022. Therefore, they will probably run ads in the winter of 2021.  Once these ads hit, look out, this book will super-leap!

Of course, The Incredible Hulk #180 is the first cameo and some might argue the appearance of Wolverine. In addition, there will be a new Wolverine actor at some point. In addition, probably well past 2021, there will be a new X-Men movie and or show.  These are two major catalysts for one book, not to mention that Incredible Hulk #180 has been increasing in popularity among collectors.

To Wrap It Up

s-l640-1-202x300 Top Ten Comic Book Picks for 2021: Fantastic Four, Anyone?Finally, we have come to the end of 2020 and everyone is hopeful of leaving the pandemic behind in the rearview mirror.  Waving goodbye to the chaos, suffering,  and loss of life that has engulfed the entire world including the subculture of comic book collecting in 2020. Above all, we all look forward to a brighter future in 2021, with vaccines aplenty, Plus, Marvel movie releases in major theaters and an economic boom that lifts all America’s boats. Before we know it, we’ll be talking about the top ten comics of 2022. Happy New Year for 2021!



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dave stevens January 11, 2021 - 8:49 pm

I know you don’t publish comments but why mention Marvel Premiere 19 and neglect Thor 229 and Daredevil 115 which feature the same Hulk 181 ad? Were you aware that Hulk 180 not only features the first appearance of Wolverine but predates these ad previews for Hulk 181?

Norman Robinson III January 11, 2021 - 9:44 pm

Thor has not been as popular and Daredevil #115 I was aware of but picked MP #19 instead. Actually, yes I was aware that IH 180 comes first. It is a book I wish I owned. Nam

Harry Stone III January 11, 2021 - 9:12 pm

For whats its worth, my Marvel Cards from 1990 say the first appearance of Wolverine is Hulk #180. They’re actually pretty useful as references to see what Marvel was thinking 30 years ago. Imagine if 181 starts to be seen only as the first cover appearance and 180 is seen as his true first? $$$$

dave stevens January 12, 2021 - 10:49 am

I have been using this exact point for years. Marvel knows the first appearance of a character is the…first…time…they…appear. And Wolverine did so in a dramatic splash where he spoke and was seen in full-view in costume. You knew from the issue more was coming, and the Hulk got better, but his first appearance will always be 180. I still think 181 is better, but I can call a spade a spade.

Norman Robinson III April 2, 2021 - 4:06 am

Yeah, many collectors I talk to prefer IH 180.
Thanks. Nam

algonwolf January 12, 2021 - 1:03 am

Interesting and informative. GoCollect blogs, among many other blogs, seem to focus on how active a book is trading to gauge its “hotness”. I find the changes in FMV far more indicative and useful. What would be great to see is a weekly (more likely monthly) of the “hottest” and (arguably more important) “coldest” FMV trends. Thanks

Norman Robinson III January 12, 2021 - 1:07 pm

you make a great point and the FMV is a valuable tool to be sure. Despite that, it is always good to look at the underlying numbers (actual sales) to gauge comic pricing. Thanks for reading.

Ariosto Montisano January 12, 2021 - 1:09 pm

I always enjoy your posts and experience.
Sheds light on many questions and also, as a positive note, makes me question what I thought I knew.

I am confused in this article, as the first paragraph ends saying : “Without further ado, Let’s take a look at the top ten comics of this past year.” Then, the second paragrpah ends by saying; “These are my picks for 2021…”

Are these comics you write about last year’s winners, or your picks for this year?


Norman Robinson III April 2, 2021 - 4:05 am

Yes, I could have worded it better than that. What I should have said, “These are my picks for 2021. Let’s see how they performed over the last year (2020) up to now. The whole piece is really about revealing each comic book catalyst for 2021.”
Thanks for reading.

Paul Kosnik January 20, 2021 - 12:26 am

I beg to differ regarding your conclusion on FF #52. Marvel has stated they will not re-cast T’Challa. So it won’t be a Black Panther resembling the one we see in FF #52. Given that fact and the fact that the value of FF #52 got pushed to new heights with the untimely passing of Mr. Boseman, I think FF #52 is dead money for a long time (like a decade). Better to speculate on the key appearances of whomever may pick up the Black Panther mantle. Just my two cents.

Norman Robinson III April 2, 2021 - 3:55 am

I respect your opinion on this but hope you are dead wrong. I have watched FF52 for over 13 years and it has never disappointed me. This character is too important for Disney to sit on it. Nope. I figure they are biding their time and will announce a new Panther at some point probably within 3 years and maybe sooner. The great thing about Marvel is there are 1000’s of great stories to tell. All of which would kill it at the box office giving Disney many choices.
Respectfully, Nam


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