Top Ranked Silver Age Comic: Amazing Spider-Man #1

by Norman Robinson III

022221A-300x157 Top Ranked Silver Age Comic: Amazing Spider-Man #1The Amazing Spider-Man is the headliner and underpinning character of the Marvel Universe. It is rare to see huge Silver Age keys in the top most popular comics for this week. But, none-the-less, that is exactly what happened to Amazing Spider-Man’s #1 as it mounted the top-tier popularity podium this week. Peter Parker was only edged out by Gambit, Deadpool, and Amazing Spider-Man #129!

It is shocking that such a huge key would overtake the usual suspects, ASM #300 and the like.  It has reached the rank of the fourth most popular comic on  This is abnormal, to say the least. I have been using for over four years now. In that time this is the only time I have seen Amazing Spider-Man #1 even in the top ten let alone the top five! Why is Spidey in the top ranks? Furthermore, why has this particular comic book gone up substantially in the ranking by jumping 995 ranks to land at the top four?

$_1 Top Ranked Silver Age Comic: Amazing Spider-Man #1Amazing Spider-Man #1

This comic book is the first appearance of Spider-Man in his own title. It is also the first appearance of Jonah Jameson, that rascally editor. This book was created on March 1, 1963, and marked the beginning of the most powerful title in all of Marvel. It may even be a better title than any DC comic in the Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Modern Ages.  It has such pull as the linchpin of the Marvel Universe and massive popularity makes it a shoo-in. I once told my Uncle Thomas, “If you don’t know what to buy then you buy Spidey!” Put simply, Amazing Spider-Man always pays off, and usually quicker than other books. Now even volume one of the series #100-300 has increased substantially.

In the realm of alternative investments, Amazing Spider-Man is a good asset to own. But this begs the question; why? What makes Spidey so popular after all these years? Should Spidey be considered a “blue-chip” type investment like stocks? Further, what patterns can we discern from the analysis and review of past pricing, and trend returns?

Deep Analysis of Amazing Spider-Man #1

Title Grade Last Sale CGC Census Return
Amazing Spider-Man #1 6.5 $23,000 170 +0.9%
5.0 $15,500 285 +35.9%
4.5 $9000 287 -17.1%
3.0 $6750 428 +5.5%
2.5 $5520 347 -21%
1.8 $5500 196 +15.2%
1.0 $4274 193 +52.7%

The red is scary, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry too much. Both the grades 4.5 and 2.5 were owners selling last year in November and December. Furthermore, two or three sales are hardly conclusive. Besides, look what they are up against. Positive +35% in grade 5.0 and positive +52% in grade 1.0. The further back we go the stronger the trends get. Why? Because time removes exceptions or hiccups in the pricing. Essentially, think of it like stocks. People get nervous and they sell. Maybe they need the money? More than likely, they just want the cash for something else. Over time, though, the averages dissolve the exceptions.

maxresdefault Top Ranked Silver Age Comic: Amazing Spider-Man #1Chart Strength

The strength of this chart is two-fold. First, the trends are truly encouraging, with mid-range and low-range comics both performing in double-digit return trends. Second, and more importantly, is the CGC Census for  Amazing Spider-Man #1. This CGC Census tells us that there are only 193 copies entered at CGC for grade 1.0 which means rarity. Hence, potential price increases over time.

willem-dafoe-spotted-on-the-sets-of-tom-hollands-spider-man-3-01.jpg?format=webp&compress=true&quality=80&w=1200&dpr=1 Top Ranked Silver Age Comic: Amazing Spider-Man #1Conclusion + Catalyst

There is a ton of talk on the internet about Sony’s Spider-Man 3 and the possible storyline of the MCU as a multiverse.  The multiverse would be huge for Spidey by allowing all the different versions of Spider-Man over the years to participate. The key theme here is, yep you guessed it. Spider-Man.  Anytime there is a catalyst, Spidey moves up and becomes more popular. Now I realize this is one of the more expensive keys in the Silver Age.  But one of my favorite actors for Spidey is Tom Holland and Marvel has signed him for six more films. Yep, six-baby! Can you imagine the price of  Amazing Spider-Man #1 after six more movies? Ka-ching! Webhead will always dominate the Marvel scene for years to come. Headliners make money.

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