Top Picks from Heritage’s December 2-3 TCG Select Auction

by Lauren Sisselman

120222A-1024x536 Top Picks from Heritage's December 2-3 TCG Select AuctionTo kick off December, Heritage holds a TCG Select Auction, featuring rare and hard-to-find cards from Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and other collectible card series. These auctions showcase the best of the best, and always fetch high dollars for their offerings! This month we’ve picked out some of the most intriguing cards that should be on everyone’s watch list.

M:TG Aspect Wolf Gamma Playtest

Screenshot-2022-12-01-123806-182x300 Top Picks from Heritage's December 2-3 TCG Select Auction

Before we got Magic: The Gathering as we know it, the game had to go through development. These early cards can be worth a great deal, but from a collector’s point of view, these can be some of the most valuable cards a person can find. This Aspect Wolf Gamma Playtest card pre-dates the Alpha Edition of M:TG, and was used as a test card to make sure the gameplay would be smooth.

This card has a blue label CGC grade of 9/Game Mint and is the only graded copy. If you’re looking for a true grail piece for your collection, look no further. This auction has several other test cards, including FeedbackTunnel, and more.

M:TG Ancestral Recall

Screenshot-2022-12-01-123856-180x300 Top Picks from Heritage's December 2-3 TCG Select Auction

Regular players of M:TG (or any TCG) sometimes find themselves in a position where more cards are needed. Ancestral Recall, when in play, allows players to draw three cards. On the flip side, you can also force your opponent to draw three cards. The Unlimited version of this card is still a choice pick for collectors and investors, with a median price of $4,559 for un-graded cards.

This card has a blue label CGC grade of 9 Mint, with only five others receiving this grade. If you’re looking to complete a collection and need this card, this is an affordable option against the rare Alpha Edition version.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blue-Eyes White Dragon Duel Terminal Preview Promo

Screenshot-2022-12-01-123947-193x300 Top Picks from Heritage's December 2-3 TCG Select Auction

If you’re familiar with the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, chances are you’re familiar with the powerful Blue-Eyes White Dragon card. This powerful card is also one of the most valuable, with prices going as high as $43,000 for certain editions.

This card is certainly rare as well, as this was only given out as a promo item at the Konami Booth during the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con.

This is certainly a rare find, and will likely fetch a high dollar amount. This has a BGS grade of 8 NM-MT, with only nine other examples graded higher.

Pocket Monsters’ Jumbo Stadium Bandai Card Vending Machine 

Screenshot-2022-12-01-124106-183x300 Top Picks from Heritage's December 2-3 TCG Select Auction

Oddball objects are some of my favorite items in most auctions. You can find some real gems, including this Pokemon Jumbo Card Vending Machine! Much like most gumball machines or vending machines we all commonly see, this machine dispensed Pokemon cards.

The cards offered weren’t necessarily for gameplay, but made for a cute collector’s item for fans. Heritage notes this machine as being sold as-is, but don’t let that deter you. This would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

Pokemon Charizard 4 Shadowless Base Set 

Screenshot-2022-12-01-124201-181x300 Top Picks from Heritage's December 2-3 TCG Select Auction

Here’s something we truly do not see that often. This PSA 10 GEM MINT Charizard card from the Shadowless Base Set is a sight to behold. This is from the second print run, but this won’t stop investors and collectors from bidding on this. In March of 2022 a similar card sold on Heritage for $336,000.

Ungraded versions of this card have a price point of $900, so even ungraded this card will cost a small fortune. PSA has graded a total of 56 other 10 GEM MINT Charizard cards, making this an exceptional find.

Upgrade2_Footer Top Picks from Heritage's December 2-3 TCG Select Auction*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.

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