Top Golden Age Comic in June

by Norman Robinson III

100774_c0339fe7ad8b29ad81ea23c4ec0b3098ad717d19-215x300 Top Golden Age Comic in JuneBald is beautiful in this new century. Wear your follicle challenged head with pride like Lex Luthor. Superman #10 is the first bald Luthor and is the number one Golden Age Comic in June. This comic book was produced in 1941 before America entered WWII. Who knew that bald would be considered a key comic book? The crazy thing is one collector paid $6750 in May 2018, just for the honor of owning the first bald Lex Luthor.  No joke. This good old-fashioned villain has harried Superman and continued as a part of the super-saga even today. DC Comics needed a villain that could counter Superman’s virtue what better than an evil, bald scientist? This first hair loss issue is hilarious as a concept. Anything under a fine (6.0) won’t cost you more than $1000. Are the lower grades highly profitable for this comic?  If so, is it speculation, investment or neither?

This comic book had an army of creators: Jerry Siegel, George Shute, Henry Boltinoff, and Jim Crowley (script). The pencils are too many to name here, but I will cite a few: Paul Cassidy Wayne Boring, and Lou Page (pencils). Comics back in the day were $.10 an issue in 1941. The world was a different place: Citizen Kane had just debuted, Germans had assaulted Tobruk, the FCC approved the first regularly scheduled commercial TV ad, and Bob Hope performed his first USO show. His very first! It was a different time, a time of war and Superman and every superhero after him would play a part in boosting morale. Is the gravitational pull of Luthor’s bald head driving the book toward pure profit? If so, this comic is definitely collectible.

Superman #10

The first appearance of bald Lex Luthor is now a vintage comic book of high value, Superman #10. With a (9.4) grade the current FMV is $21,000. Compared to the lower cost of a (4.5) grade at $800 the $21,000 number seems excessive. Current returns are best in the lower grades, a (2.5) returns +19%, the (4.0) returned +33.5% and the (5.0) has an ROI of 3.5%. These grades are purchased for between $500 and $900 on the market. Bald Lex Luthor is a lucky book to own. Though being a key because of a hairstyle choice seems a little far-fetched. This chrome dome is more of a collector’s piece than speculation. There are better books to own for long-term investment as well.

Action Comics #23

The first appearance of a character is always special, and key. It makes money and is highly sought after. One such book is the first appearance of Lex Luthor (with hair) Action Comics #23. It has climbed 668 spots to rank 69th most popular Golden Age comic. The creative team of Joe Shuster and Sheldon Moldoff were part of the group that created this monster investment. This book has green across the grade spectrum.

The returns for Action Comics #23 are simply out of this world! I only need two examples to prove my point: a (2.5) has returned +588%, and a grade (5.0) has returned +614%. This is practically a superhuman ROI, as powerful as Superman’s biceps. The (5.0) grade sold for $2,127.50 last July 2017. These early Action Comics are unstoppable now, and a much better investment than chrome dome above. Try to find low grades and pick up at least one Golden Age book a year. The first appearance of Lex Luthor is a hard book to pass up. Great for speculation and investment, especially with the previous numbers cited.



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