Top Four bestselling Golden Age Comics (April/May)

by Blaise Tassone

superman-classic-wallpapers_17404_1024x768-300x225 Top Four bestselling Golden Age Comics (April/May)

April and May have been busy months for collectors looking to scoop up Golden Age treasures. Although Marvel is king of the Silver Age and modern comics, it’s hard to beat DC comics when it comes to Golden Age sales. The current top four sales of Golden Age titles include plenty of super-hero comics with the highlight being two ‘super’ sales of the most iconic and classic DC title.

In order from fourth to first most sought-after Golden Age comic book; we can start our list with Fawcett comics’ Big Red Cheese, showing how even Golden Age sales are affected these days by what’s happening on the big screen.


104053_14d41b15ceebdfa289c35a1dae4af7ad330dfcc0-216x300 Top Four bestselling Golden Age Comics (April/May)

The Marvel Family #1 (Dec 1945) – first issue of the Marvel Family

A highlight of the recent ‘Shazam!’ film was the scene close to the end where Billy is able to transfer his powers to the members of his foster family and avoid Sivana’s attempt to co-opt his powers. But the real reason this comic may be hot is anticipation of Black Adam. Whatever the reasons, it is the number four most traded Golden Age comic right now. With 114 copies on the CGC census and a highest recorded grade of 9.4 (with a single known copy existing), in its highest grade this book has a FMV of $34, 000.00 dollars. The 12 week returns on this book are being driven by lower grade sales which, notwithstanding its gains over the last year, are mixed with only 1.5 graded copies showing positive returns (+11.1%) after 2 sales. A 03/13/2019 sale on eBay went for $1, 890.00 and that was followed by a 03/21/2019 sale also on eBay for $2, 099.00.



102479_97657a86f05ec84cd33839ada1d69fb13612bb0e-216x300 Top Four bestselling Golden Age Comics (April/May)

Superman #24 (September 1943) – classic Superman as patriot cover

You couldn’t really avoid politics in the early 1940s with a World War happening. It wasn’t a question of just nationalist pride, but life and death at stake. It’s safe to say that in the battle against fascism, the heroes of American comics led to way in encouraging the nation to become a defender of freedom. By 1943, the US was doing just that. Let’s face it- if it’s patriotism you want, other than Captain America punching Hitler, Superman standing with old glory is as patriotic as comics get. The 12 week returns on Superman #24 are as follows: On February 21, 2019 an 8.5 copy sold on Heritage auction for $7,800.00. Then, on March 15, 2019, a fine 6.5 copy sold on ComicConnect for $2,517.00. This was followed up with an April 1st, 2019 sale of a 4.5 graded copy on Comic Link for $951.00, and an April 28, 2019 sale of a 3.5 copy for $1, 150.00 on eBay.



106012_818aca6700e693c1baf1f842b2509834bd817e15-210x300 Top Four bestselling Golden Age Comics (April/May)

Superman #53 (July 1948) – Third retelling of Origin; Classic origin cover by Wayne Boring; Tenth anniversary issue

When we’re talking about Golden Age books there’s one lesson that is driven home again and again: covers sell. Whether it’s pre-code horror or a bondage scene, a stunning sci-fi landscape or this classic Wayne Boring Superman cover, the organic beauty and larger size of Golden Age books makes books with more colorful covers really stand out. This cover makes Superman #53 the second most sold Golden Age book in April. There were plenty of sales of Superman #53 over the last 12 weeks. It was the second most purchased Golden Age comic. The highlight grades that are trading hands are currently: 5.5 where we find positive returns over three months of 11.2% after 2 sales. A Heritage sale on April 07, 2019 for $1,020.00, after a March 4th sale on Comic Link for $917.00, account for the above number. But the two 2.5 grades that changed hands saw a dip in price as a March 27 eBay sale for $495.00 was followed by an April 26th sale for $468.00- a drop of -5.5%.



177004_b342457e8c0c7891f35301ece48b522aada3c993-207x300 Top Four bestselling Golden Age Comics (April/May)

Mad #1 (September 1952) – First issue in titled series; Wood, Davis, Elder start as regulars

Finally the number one book for April sales was Mad magazine #1. The fallout of the great comic book implosion and creation of the comics code authority, Mad magazine was the last surviving title of Golden Age giant EC comics. Produced by editor Harvey Kurtzman and William Gaines, Mad would go on to become a staple of American offbeat humor. With 418 copies on the CGC census Mad #1 is the most popular Golden Age book on the market. A 9.8 (of which CGC records 5, will cost you around $40, 000.00. Three Month averages are as follows:

2.5 graded copies are down -35.7% after 2 eBay sales: [03/18/2019 = $700.00; 04/02/2019 = 450.00].

5.0 copies are down – 25% after 2 sales: [eBay, 04/07/2019 = $1, 599.99; Heritage Auction, 04/14/2019 = $1, 200.00].

6.5 copies are up +17.6% after 2 eBay sales [02/19/2019 = $1, 850.00; 04/03/2019 = $2, 175.00].

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