Top-Five New Characters: What’s Their Worth?

by Matt Tuck

BWL-art-300x251 Top-Five New Characters: What's Their Worth?Marvel and DC have been slamming us with new creations lately and driving up their sales in the process. Of all the new members of the family, which ones are the most profitable?

In yesterday’s post, “Put This Issue on Your Pull List Now,” I wrote that Marvel is yet again introducing a host of fresh faces in next month’s Powers of X #1. When it comes to comic investing, nothing beats a first appearance. As soon as a new character is introduced, that first appearance disappears from store shelves. Depending on the future impact that character could have, the secondary market can explode. With all the hoopla that surrounds these recent additions, do those high-priced firsts hold their values?

Below I’ve ranked five of the most popular new additions based on their first appearances’ sales data from the past three months. Considering that none of these issues are over two years old, I’ve based all the information on graded 9.8s of the standard editions.

Without further ado, here’s where they currently stand.

Teen-Titans-12-195x300 Top-Five New Characters: What's Their Worth?TEEN TITANS #12 (2017)

90-Day FMV: $414

Last Sale: $336

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo struck gold when they created the sinister mashup of Batman and the Joker, the Batman Who Laughs. While he made his first cameo appearance in Dark Nights Metal #2, his first full appearance was in Teen Titans #12, and it’s the issue that gets all the attention.

In the two years its been on the market, it has held its value based on a combination of the character’s immense popularity and his usage in the comics. Presently his solo series, which wraps up next month, has him positioned as Batman’s greatest foe, possibly a greater adversary than even the Joker.

Immortal-Hulk-2-193x300 Top-Five New Characters: What's Their Worth?IMMORTAL HULK #2 (2018)

90-Day FMV: $307

Last Sale: $304

Dr. Frye and his son, Dell, both made their first appearances in the second issue of this critically-acclaimed series. While not much has been made of either character since then, it remains among the most coveted new comics on the market. Will we see more of these two in the future? Almost certainly, and that’s why it’s fair market value remains high.



Naomi-1-198x300 Top-Five New Characters: What's Their Worth?NAOMI #1 (2019)

90-Day FMV: $234

Last Sale: $140

Although she was only introduced in January, her first appearance has boomed. It doesn’t hurt that she was created by modern legend Brian Michael Bendis as one of his first new characters since joining DC Comics. The talk is that she will continue to have a larger presence in the comics in the coming months.




720038_thanos-13-198x300 Top-Five New Characters: What's Their Worth?THANOS #13 (2017)

90-Day FMV: $233

Last Sale: $246

As with BWL, Cosmic Ghost Rider isn’t so much a new creation as he was a new take on older characters. He basically answers the question, “What if the Punisher became Ghost Rider but had Deadpool’s mental instability?”

Like the Batman Who Laughs, Cosmic Ghost Rider’s keys stay popular because Donny Cates has kept the CGR relevant. He’s had two limited series, and he’s been involved in Cates’ Guardians of the Galaxy run. We all know the day is coming when Marvel pits Cosmic Ghost Rider against both the classic and modern Ghost Riders, and that will add fuel to the fire.

Major-X-1-198x300 Top-Five New Characters: What's Their Worth?MAJOR X #1 (2019)

90-Day FMV: $149

Last Sale: $86

The newest addition to the list, Major X debuted in April to much fanfare, which helped immediately boost the value of this first issue. Of course that attention was generated from his being created by comics legend Rob Liefeld, who famously co-created Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and X-Force. Whether or not this issue sustains these high values will greatly depend on how Marvel chooses to use him going forward.

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